Sevco’s State Aid Scumbag Is Toasted Again As CQN Publishes New Fund Raising Update

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This week, in a moment that perhaps passed you by, the guys at Celtic Quick News destroyed what little minor credibility remained of the notorious Sevco Illiterati we here called The State Aid Nutcase. They did it in a way that was subtle and brilliant and informative at the same time.

They did it by posting a tweet from Africa.

Regular readers will need no introduction to this guy; he’s famous on this blog and others, more famous here, in fact, than he would otherwise be. Nevertheless, I don’t feel bad about giving him the oxygen of publicity, because it’s the kind of publicity that hurts not only his cause by the causes of all those who look to him as if he’s some kind of role model, somebody who’s words are meant to be taken seriously.

He’s been debunked more times than Donald Trump’s political platform, and is now drawing similar levels of contempt.

This guy is an embarrassment.

Even the guys on his own side must cringe now when he publishes one of his spurious claims. His efforts to appear educated only make him look like a stunted idiot. His attempts to cast doubt on the reputations of other people only flushes his own down the toilet. He operates from behind various pseudonyms even as he works to get behind those of others.

He is a coward and a liar, and he’s always been those things but this week he’s been exposed as a bitter fantasist, who’s behaviour is akin to that of a stalker, harassing people he doesn’t even know, for things they’ve not even done, and looking to the whole world like an idiot in the process. A dangerous idiot, to be sure, but who more and more poses a far greater risk to himself than he does to anyone else out there. Even the lunatics don’t trust him anymore.

His latest setback is in the destruction of his latest claims that the money raised by the Resolution 12 guys has somehow been misappropriated. I wrote about this claim before on the blog, and published a piece when the CQN team made their decision on which of the many charities they were looking at would be the beneficiaries of the money.

The CQN team chose Mary’s Meals, an excellent and worthwhile cause concentrating on the children of Ebola ravaged Malawi and Liberia. They benefited from the generosity and good heart of Celtic supporters like you and me to the tune of nearly £8000.

That cash was, of course, initially raised for the purposes of placing a full page ad in The Guardian, in relation to the Resolution 12 campaign. When the newspaper refused it (after first accepting it, legalling it and taking the money) the cash was offered to The Herald, who similarly refused to print the ad. The CQN and Resolution 12 team then decided it would go to charity.

Throughout all of this, a lengthy process where various options were being explored, State Aid Yahoo was alleging various things on social media. All of those claims were utterly false, as is most if not all of the trumped up nonsense he consistently posts. These claims were also libellous, which is something he and his little band of re-tweeters and co-conspirators would do very well to consider both now and in the future.

I know Paul67 and others have not wanted a fuss over these claims, which is why I made nothing of them at the time and waited until the guys were ready to make an announcement on where the cash would end up. I was appalled to find out this week that State Aid Numpty was making further spurious claims, which denied that the cash had been received by the charity.

This, too, was a lie, designed as the first was to cast doubt on a group of people who have been fully transparent from the off, meticulous in their handling of the money, who’s conduct has been without fault of any kind and, fortunately, who’s reputations were already established enough and known that these scandalous claims were not believed.

But this is the stock-in-trade of this guy and others like him, who frequently call out Celtic fans as being “obsessed” whilst they, themselves, dig into people’s personal information, spread utter nonsense about our club and who have spent the last two years getting themselves awfully excited over a series of ludicrous claims which had no basis in fact or even reality, something independent investigations from various public bodies has demonstrated time and time and time again, at great cost to the taxpayer, something they treat with cavalier disregard much as their former club did.

Today their credibility is shot.

And all it took was a tweet.


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