Send In The Clowns: Caixinha’s Jokers Lose At Home To Hand Celtic A Fantasy League Advantage

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It says a lot how bad Sevco are that when they set up their own version of the league they’ve proved incapable of winning it.

Earlier in the week, I wrote about how Pedro told the media that he had set up his own “league” some weeks back and the club was a single point behind us in it.

Tomorrow night we’ll have a chance to clinch that title.

This evening, at Ibrox, the mouthy who’s comments more and more suggest that Donald Trump is not the only media personality who is completely detached from reality, saw his team lose against “ team” Aberdeen. That closes the fantasy gap between the two clubs to three points.

But even more crucially, it hands Celtic the opportunity to wrap the Fantasy Title Race up with a win against Thistle .

That would give us a “four point lead” with one game to go.

Game over.

We won the league (again) fly the flag.

This is madness of course; utter nonsense, if we’re being blunt. But as there’s a madman in the White House so it becomes clear that there’s another in the Shite House, and this is the level at which we need to engage with these muppets now. On their version of reality.

And even in that one we are streets ahead of them.

The amount of sheer nonsense that has wafted out of Ibrox in the past few days – since they beat ten man Hearts by a single goal – has been unbelievable.

That was capped by Caixinha’s quite insane “mini-league” comments. Things got so bad that McInnes had to deliver a stinging slap to them, and added to, and amplified, the Aberdeen ’s comments with a scathing verdict on the team and on the himself.

And they deserve it.

Caixinha hasn’t been at Ibrox long, but he’s already been bitten by the bug.

He talks like a paranoid. He comments publicly on players contracted to other clubs. He tries to play stupid wee psychological games … and he’s not good at any of it.

He has already made his club a laughing stock with his bizarre pronouncements, incomprehensible tactical decisions and his nutty philosophies. As relative neutrals, this is all hilarious to us, but their fans have already realised they are in big trouble with this guy at the helm.

But then we’re not exactly dealing with Quiz in the stands either. Their supporters organisation has come apart at the seams – more on that tomorrow – and an orgy of blame throwing and seems sure to follow. It all makes wonderful entertainment.

Tonight they lost, again, at home when even an Honest Mistake late in the day could not save them. This is a club in turmoil, even as they try to sell season tickets. The chaos surrounding them is profound. Its perfect manifestation is the joker in the dugout.

The Big House is now undisputedly The Big Top.

Send in the clowns.

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