Date: 3rd August 2017 at 11:23am
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On the morning following an excellent Champions League game, what do you know?

The Daily Record has yet another story linking Celtic fans to extremism, and this one is as bent looking as it’s possible to be. Today they are featuring a “Celtic fan” who sent a “bomb threat” to Ibrox with an ISIS twist. On Twitter. And it doesn’t take much to knock this story on its ass.

This “person” joined Twitter in July this year.

He or she has a grand total of 59 followers and follows a grand total of 125.

This is the textbook definition of a complete non-story; if this person exists at all The Record has elevated them beyond utter irrelevance and used them to beat the rest of our support. I would suggest this story has been manufactured.

I had a look at this Twitter twat’s timeline; he is a clown.

He rants about various subjects in the kind of pre-school language Twitter is full of. The Record knows full well this is an idiot with a few fried brain cells, but I said the other day that an agenda is being pursued here and this is another demonstration of it.

To have blown a tweet by a complete nobody off Twitter into a story that smears the Celtic support as a whole is an act of malevolence against our club, and as per usual with that arse-rag the story is so weak that no-one wants to stand their own name beside it.

It carries the standard appellation for a story which is Utter Mince; “Daily Record Online Reporter” – or Daily Record Shit-Stirring Troll, a far more accurate description. Basically, a clown whose job is to scour Twitter and Facebook for any anti-Celtic angle they can find.

I know nobody in our support still reads this gutter-rag …  I still do not understand why anyone from our club is willing to talk to its “journalists” or entertain their presence at our ground. This publication does not wish us well, I cannot put it more bluntly than that.

The paper claims to have reported this “incident” to Police Scotland.

Talk about wasting police time.

Hiding a blatant smear job behind civic virtue … a new low even for them.