Pitiful Sevco Fans Have Started A Campaign To Ban Us From The Broomloan Road Stand.

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Remember a few weeks ago, when I mentioned that Celtic had held talks with supporter reps over cutting the number of tickets we give to the Sevconuts?

Well, as I said then the only reason Celtic hasn’t taken this action already – they would love to, believe me – is because fan reps aren’t keen because it would have resulted in a sizeable cut on our Ibrox allocation.

Well what do you know? Sevco fans are campaigning to have that allocation cut anyway; it seems that the sight of 7000 of our supporters openly taunting in their own stadium has tripped some of their switches to Insane.

This is not simply a few fans having a rant either; there’s a questionnaire over on Follow Follow, there’s support across the broad spectrum of their support, Club 1872 are looking at raising the idea to the board and there’s talk of crowdfunding for a leafleting day, although if I were someone contemplating donating to it I would most definitely want to see a receipt. Some of their fans have previous for taking money under false pretences. Their club does too.

If they do this, Celtic will respond in kind. I am no doubt about that. And if we do so, and ban large numbers of their fans from Parkhead they will moan about that too.

Neither of those things will do their club the slightest good.

This is yet another example of woolly thinking on the part of their fans. Why is so easy to distract with such mind-numbing garbage? There are important things going on at their club – the Takeover Panel had King in court this morning for a start; look out for two days of fun and games and some possible boardroom ructions before then – and Crazy Pedro is still running the place like an old World War II POW camp.

There is a thread on one of their forums right now that is worth looking at, and laughing at, because it is precisely this kind of stupidity, but on a much larger canvass. It is entitled “We are becoming the most marginalized people in the country.”

It reeks of insanity.

Honestly, check it out.

You will be astounded at the extent of their persecution complex. The sensible posts on there – which basically call the rest of lunatics – only highlight the overall psychosis of those who won’t even accept facts and persist in their daft ideas regardless.

This is like that; not so much fiddling whilst Rome burns as simply wandering around in a daze.

There is no focus to any of this. The suggestion, in the thread I just mentioned, to “work from the inside” of political parties to affect change – the restoration of Rangers; that’s their political goal, I mean sweet Jesus – almost had me on the floor in laughter. I hope some of do try that. I want to be there, in a branch meeting, where they first share that world view with serious people with serious intent. White coats beckon, I think.

Their club is a shambles because they focus on garbage like this when they should have their eyes on the bigger picture. We didn’t win at Ibrox because we had 7000 fans in the Broomloan Road stand; we won because we got the fundamentals right.

It was not a global conspiracy that put their club in the grave and forced to start a new one in the bottom tier; it was a consequence of mistakes they made and their lack of attention to what was going on inside their walls.

What we have here are two parts of the insanity spectrum; a that they can make things better banning us from their ground and a belief that what it will take is literally mounting a political takeover of the country.

Nowhere on that line – because that line only goes through the neighbourhood of madness – is the idea of simply doing better on and off the park.

They are so immersed in the idea that the world is trying to hold down that they just can’t cope with the much simpler concept that what’s holding them back is this rabid behaviour.

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