Kenny Miller’s Absence At Celtic Park Would Be A Real Blow, Yes. But Only To The Home Team.

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Today, bad news folks. Kenny Miller might not make the game when Sevco travels to Parkhead at the end of this month.

The silver lining is that this increases the chances that Herrera or Pena will feature at some stage instead.

But I know. Scant consolation, right?

Because I so looked forward to seeing Miller – as I’m sure we all did – whingeing and whining and gurning all through that one.

Not for one moment would I have been concerned about seeing football from him.

Graeme Murty has a peculiar love for this guy, a player almost every Sevco fan is united in thinking has too much influence over affairs at Ibrox and who contributes next to nothing on the pitch. He has not scored since 28 October, when a double against Hearts seemed as much like a message to Pedro Caixinha as anything else.

Since then, he’s played seven games without finding the net nor looked likely to at any point. For all that he is a constant presence in the team, much to the frustration of others at the club and the fans in the stands. He is one of the reasons I hope Murty gets the job full time; this epic myopia over Miller is unfathomable to anyone sane.

Graeme Dorrans is already out of that match. He, too, has flattered to deceive at Ibrox since he signed for them. That their manager is flapping at the loss of two such ineffectual footballers is pretty telling.

I find it hilarious that this is a major story.

A top team would not have a waste of a jersey like Miller in the first team squad far less in consideration for a match against the league champions at their home ground, but Sevco’s interim manager is positively teary-eyed over the prospect of losing him for it. In truth it doesn’t matter who plays and who doesn’t … the wee bubble in which they are presently encased will burst with the sound of a safe crashing to earth.

But if this was Plan A … well, you marvel at what Plan B is going to look like.


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