Lewis Morgan, Welcome To The Celtic Family. Go On And Become A Legend.

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Lewis Morgan has signed for Celtic today, putting pen to paper on a four and a half year deal. The half he will spend at St Mirren. The four … well providing he plays and stays in the first team squad that would take him to the Number, wouldn’t it?

Think that’s a coincidence? No, me neither.

Celtic is again sending a clear-cut message out; we’re building for the future.

A lot of have questioned this signing. Do they really believe that our manager would have sanctioned it without knowing what he was doing? This kid has grabbed 13 goals already this season, and is the fulcrum of his team’s promotion hopes. But more than that, he has over 100 first team appearances for the club; he’s been at the coalface since he was 18.

Bear in mind, another player who’s just arrived in Glasgow, to much fanfare, is a year older than Morgan and has only a handful of first team games.

Be under no illusions as to who the better prospect is.

This move has been earned. He has been thoroughly scouted. On a bigger stage, surrounded by better players, he can be a soaring success. Have no fears. Brendan knows exactly what he’s doing and exactly why we’ve signed this guy.

Yes, this is one for the future … but the future doesn’t mean five years down the line anymore. Football is a changing game, and our manager knows that a team has to be constantly evolving. Those who think signing a player from St Mirren is a dumb move might want to ponder whether they’d feel better if we’d spent £1 million on a Brighton reserve instead.

There is nothing wrong with Celtic being careful about how it spends its money. Every box has been ticked here. He’s a young footballer with bags of potential, he plays in a key position, he’s got an eye for goal and there’s no danger that he won’t “get it” and be able to fit right in. I’ve had some insider info on this deal since before Chick Young was talking about it and I can tell you that the kid has been looking forward to this day for weeks if not months.

We did everything right here.

This boy is a cracker, and he is thrilled to be pulling on the Hoops.

Welcome, Lewis, to the greatest team in the world.

You part of the Family now, and you will never feel more welcome in your life.

Go on now, young man, and become a legend.

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