We All Know What The Real Problem With Scottish Football Is.

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What’s wrong with Scottish football.

A lot, we know that.

But there is one major thing wrong and that us that our game is stuck in the past.

There are many examples.

We have an association run by dinosaurs in suits who are only interested in themselves and taking from the pot that they don’t put into.

We have a press that are biased towards one club.

Now all of that is linked and it’s to the club that plays out of Ibrox, whoever they are.

Now I have had this article stewing away in my mind for a while, forming a plan how to present it.

It was only that I should do it when the downtime of the winter break has kicked off.

To enhance my point I would like to take you back  25 years when Rangers were in the midst of their “9 in a row”.

I knew then many Rangers fans, and the abuse we took for the state were in, deserved as it was, was torrential.

“Do you think Celtic will ever win a again?” they used to ask me, sniggering.

I had faith. I said that we would come good.

“Awe we are 10 years ahead of you, what are you gonna do when we win a European trophy?” was their response.

This was emphasised by the written, radio and TV media, who rammed it down our throats relentlessly, at the time.

Chick Young, yes “the St Mirren fan”, was always on the airwaves, where he licked the arse of Walter Smith every week.

When we were blatantly robbed of decisions and games (are you aware Celtic went approx a season and a half without being awarded a penalty in the league around this time?) we were “fundamentalists” and “paranoid” on phone ins.

We had press media paying for a hearse to pass our stadium on our darkest day.

Now as hard to take as that was, we were told, “you will get your turn if you get back.”

It was all just “banter” to them.

We were still robbed blind under Tommy Burns Celtic team, and an SFA chairman was forced to resign as he deliberately held back the of to hamper us, but we stopped 10 under Wim, but we had to wait a couple of years until all the changes actually started to bear fruit, a chance for our turn … but alas we had not realised the true issue, that the need for the Ibrox club to hold on to power would allow our game to be dragged through mud and allow tax cheats and thieves to flourish.

On the park we were better than them, we were robbed in the Seville season of a league title by a team lying down to them.

The press told us we were paranoid, the same press that tried to set up our players on their Christmas night out and branded them “Thugs and Thieves”.

Our players eventually sued over that, and they won too.

Then we had a referee awarding a penalty and changing his mind immediately, and then lying to the Celtic manager about it.

When we complained refs used it as an excuse to go on strike, as if we had done something appalling.

The media supported them.

During the strike, the head of referees in the country was sacked for telling religious jokes about Catholics, this ref being the biggest ref of his day in Scotland.

He offered his bosses an end to the strike if he could keep his job.

Now come back to present day, and you may ask “WTF Dave? Whats the point?”

Well now we are dominant, we are the best, and all that shit that we were given, about it all being banter, about is being proved as nonsense because the diatribe of bile coming from Ibrox is disgusting and getting worse ever day.

The fans aren’t interested in becoming run better, they just want the “tarriers” out of football and government; see thats the real problem, isn’t it?

Its not that their idiot club don’t have any money its that they are not buying “Ranjurs men”; code for Protestant players who “get it.”

Get what? We’ve had Protestant players. Were they supposed to “get” something?

They got that they were playing for a club that was open to all.

Not Ibrox fans. You remember the nonsense they had with Paul Le Guen; it wasn’t about “bad players” it was him not “understanding the club” i.e. he was a French Catholic – the same was said about Pedro, by the way, and right from the beginning.

Now, there are friends I haven’t spoken to much in the past few years, and there are many reasons for that but for some it is because they are Sevco fans who can’t handle having Celtic fans as friends just now. I am not joking. These people exist.

Take Steven Pressley’s statement that he “had friends in the game (he) had known for years but the day he signed for Celtic (he) never heard from them again.”

That shows you what we are dealing with.

Its not only the fans, their glib, lying chairman plays to the crowd on this all the time.

This is what’s wrong with Scottish football, it is still being run for the benefit of an Ibrox club and that will not change until those at the top change, and the thinking changes.

That is a slow process, but there are people in the game who recognise it.

Turnbull Hutton stood up against them, he was abused for it but he did it.

Derek McInnes, actually stood up against them too, even though he is a fan, he looked at them and his current employer and said no, it wouldn’t be right.

Some say the dinosaurs died out overnight, they didnt it took a milennia, this rattle is coming to the end tho.

When this version of the Ibrox club dies, it could well be the last.

Campbell is a Celtic fan and blogger who’s just about had it with the bile from Ibrox.

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