Crazy Sevco Fan Site Thinks The Judas Signing Changed Our Club And The Game.

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The barmy Sevco fan site Ibrox Noise has produced another one of its ridiculous articles today, and in this one they’ve claimed that Celtic was traumatised by Judas Johnstone signing for their former club.

They’ve also characterised it as the transfer deal that changed Scottish football; there are bigger candidates for that title than that.

One of the signings that changed Scottish football was Henrik Larsson. His signing might not have made headlines like that of Judas, but it changed the course of history here.

The King scored one of the goals on the Day We Stopped The Ten and propelled Celtic to some of the finest moments in our history. Henrik Larsson started the duopoly. His crucial goal that day was one of the catalysts of David Murray’s decision to start the EBT scheme.

Judas changed one club; theirs. But not as much as some of their fans like to think, or would care to admit. He changed the signing policy but not the structure.

Catholic players were banned from expressions of faith, their heads were constantly filled with supremacist shite, they were told to embrace the club’s “culture” and leave their own behind.

On top of that, Le Rat most certainly did not change our signing policy; the article suggests that we’ve spent many of the years since signing players Ibrox clubs were interested in as some kind of payback for that deal; what utter bollocks. He mentions the Scott Allan deal … man oh man that one really riled them didn’t it? To connect it Judas though … who knows what goes on in their minds?

You know, those sites frequently accuse us of being obsessed.

It’s a pathetic comeback, but articles like that one make it even more so. They define their club and its entire history by what we do; they really can’t go over the idea that we get on with doing what we do largely without people inside Celtic sparing them even the slightest thought.

The signing of Judas happened partly because our incompetent board at the time dropped the ball and because the player himself was a mercenary toe-rag motivated solely by money and who had the brass neck to go wherever it led. The idea that it altered the history of our club, is frankly laughable and yet another example of wishful thinking from Sevco fans who dwell in the past because they have trouble processing reality and the future.

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