If The SFA Appoints McLeish It Will Be A Backward Step And A Betrayal Of Sporting Integrity.

Image for If The SFA Appoints McLeish It Will Be A Backward Step And A Betrayal Of Sporting Integrity.

So it won’t be Walter Smith, but nevermind; there’s another ex-Ibrox boss who’s available and who, as it happens, has had the job before. If you wanted proof of the laziness, the lack of vision, the utter incompetence of those still standing at the SFA then this is it.

Even the idea of going cap in hand to McLeish is scandalous.

Where are the fresh ideas here?

Are these people trolling us all or what?

This reeks of appeasement. Appeasement of media hacks who themselves possess not one iota of vision. It reeks of appeasement to the old blazer crowd who know this might be the last chance they’ll have to shoehorn an ex Ibrox official into a top job without the remotest scrutiny.

If this guy went through an open process he wouldn’t stand a chance.

On top of that, McLeish was personally involved in one of the greatest eras of cheating in the history of the sport. His appointment to the body from whom his club withheld registration documentation, at a time when Celtic has called for an inquiry into those events, would be a slap in our face and the faces of everyone else who values sporting integrity.

There is not the slightest doubt that McLeish knew about the dual contracts and the finer points of this scandal. He had an EBT himself. He was involved in the tax fraud.

Imagine how much it will damage the standing of our sport if the national coach is bankrupted by HMRC for his part in that scam, which involved deliberate concealment from the football authorities? How do we even begin to recover from that in the eyes of the world?

The people at the top of our game are making us into a laughing stock.

It is shameful that this is even under consideration, but after they approached Smith initially it was precisely what many us expected them to do next.

If there was ever a cast iron case for clearing out the Augean Stables at Hampden, of shovelling out every corner of that notorious shit-house, then this is it. If you thought Regan was the problem think again.

These people need to go. All of them.

They would be unfit to run an amateur bowling club, far less our national sport.

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