When Sevconuts Tell You Admin Won’t Happen, Remind Them It Did. Six Years Ago Today.

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The old proverb is alleged to says that “those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” In fact, that’s a combination of a Churchill statement and one from George Santayana.

The old warhorse and former Prime Minister said “We have to understand our history in order to not repeat the mistakes of the past.” Santayana said “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” They come out to the same thing.

Sevco fans have never learned from the past. That much is self-evident. But more and more it seems to me that they cannot remember it either.

How can that be? If you’ve ever suffered a traumatic experience – and for a football fan I can think of few things that would be more traumatic than seeing their team go out of business – you will know how hard it is to forget, even if you want to. It seems incredible to me that they would; the memories of 2012 should be hung onto for dear life.

Every single day I have to answer allegations that myself and others are pushing disinformation or making up stories suggesting that Sevco are in financial trouble.

We’re not. Listen, Sevco is in financial trouble and I don’t need to invent that. The truth of it is in their published accounts and in the public statements of its senior staff.

The slightest mathematical ability, the merest understanding of economics, even a basic knowledge of good housekeeping, can only draw you towards one conclusion; when a club needs directors loans to get through the season they are in bother.

When a football club runs out of money to pay bills the party is over, and the simple, inescapable, truth is in Sevco’s six years of existence they have never turned a profit. Indeed, they have made losses year on year. Without director’s loans they would never have made it this far. Yet they keep on spending, they keep on increasing spending … and eventually it will all come crashing down.

It is inevitable. How do I know that?

Because it already has. Today is the sixth anniversary of the collapse of Rangers, and Rangers was infinitely bigger than Sevco, infinitely more important, infinitely more powerful. The shock of that event was seismic. If Sevco went into administration tomorrow the rest of the world would barely tremble. On some level, most of us are waiting for it.

It is just a matter of time.

Later on I’ll be writing about Phil’s revelations vis-à-vis their “overdraft”; there’s a devastating line in his piece that I want to explore more fully, but for now rest assured that the current situation over there is almost at an end. That they had to go to a Wonga loan company at all should scare the Hell out of their fans; it’s a big flashing warning light that things have changed behind the scenes.

There is no happy ending here. Their fans will call that wishful thinking, saying we’re wasting our time sitting here waiting for something that’ll never happen “at their club”. The thing is, whether they believe in the Survival Lie or not, it already did and that’s what they saying at the time.

Happy anniversary folks.

Happy Craig Whyte Day.

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