The Book Of Sevco: High Drama In The Court Of The King.

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And it came to pass that in the Final Days Of King David Of Lie, the Peepul of Sevconia were outraged at the growing state of the empire. The army had been smashed on the Plain of Sevconia in the Great Defeat and had suffered further humiliation when the Blue And White Army Of Pie routed them on the same field. Everywhere they looked there were beggars on the streets, many of them wearing the garments of the Great Elders of Blue.

And long did they rattle their tin cups and demand sheckles, so that the empire of Sevconia could be made great.

And lo, did the Peepul cry out in frustration; “Where are the sheckles that were promised to us by King David of Lie and by the scribes, who’s wise words promised us glory and praised the greatness of our cause?”

And from the Temple of Sevconia there came no answer, for no-one was there, or they were hiding behind the thick curtains, which were drawn so the Great Elders of Blue would not have to look out on their Peepul and see their anguished faces.

And long did the Peepul protest outside, before drifting off to drink ale and mourn their weakness and the state of the army and they gnashed their teeth and wailed about Graeme of Murty, the commander who had led them to so many terrible defeats.

And the Great Elders of Blue were sorely afraid, especially when they heard the news out of The Place They Call Paradise that the Warrior Sinclair had committed himself to the quest to secure the Magnificent Seventh and beyond, towards the Shattering Tenth.

And lo, unto them did come the Elders from The Temple Of Laws, and they were accompanied by soldiers, and they did demand to speak to King David Of Lie. “What hast thou come?” asked Paul Of Murray, counsel to the Great Elders of Blue. “We hast come to collect the debts owed to us by King David Of Lie, for the manner of thy rebellion which put him in his kingly chair.”

And at that Paul of Murray turned pale and retreated into the Temple of Sevconia, and no-one emerged for a long, long time. Inside the walls, the Great Elders of Blue debated and debated what to do because long had they planned for the summer to come, the rebuilding of the army, the hiring of new generals, and now their plans were in ruins.

And lo did they look up to the Heavens and cry, “Lord, why hast tho sent us such turmoil and pain? Have we not always been your good and faithful servants? Surely you cannot wish for us to be supplicants before Brendan The Great And The Mighty?”

And long did they wait for a reply from the Heavens but the only answer to their prayers was an answering machine message saying “If this is someone from Ibrox then nobody up here is in.”

And finally, Paul of Murray turned to the other Great Elders of Blue and he said to them in a low and trembling voice, “I think we’re in a lot of trouble here folks.”

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