Sevco’s Barmiest Website Thinks Somebody Has Smacked Their Manager.

Image for Sevco’s Barmiest Website Thinks Somebody Has Smacked Their Manager.

Sevco’s barmiest website has put up an article tonight asking who punched their manager. Murty has had a Hell of a week; now he has speculation flying around him about an alleged bruise on the side of his face, which according to the site looks like somebody gave him a smack.

It certainly explains a few things about the last seven days, and the rumours have certainly been flying about. But how does this stuff help their position? This kind of aimless gossip does their club not the slightest good.

What it does do is cast a shadow over our media. Because our media has spent the last week alternating between “something happened and it was the manager’s fault” and “nothing happened and the players are being hung out to dry” and “the players were out of order but let’s not make a mountain out of a molehill.”

But if someone laid hands on the manager then at least half of the stories we’ve been spoon-fed in the past week are absolute bollocks. If the manager got hit then at least one of the players who’s been suspended is an unmitigated ned or worse … someone who wasn’t suspended should have been but was allowed to escape justice.

Why would that be? A saleable asset, perhaps?

Speculation, yes, but we’re outside the club and we have good reason to want to destabilise it with such chit-chat. Quite what one of their own websites is doing promoting a story like this I really do not know. But for us it’s fun to think about.

Doubtless some footage exists of the interview somewhere; Ibrox Noise posted a photo which really could be anything at all.

If you watch the video, does it convince you? Does he look like a guy who’s taken a good whack, and was it the hand or the boot or the head of a player or something less innocuous? You know why this is so interesting?

Nothing would be surprising.

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