The SFA Has Charged Sevco Over Rangers’ European License Scam In 2011-12.

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The SFA has Sevco with Rangers’ violations of licensing regulations in 2012. The news has literally just broken, first by STV. This is the issue on which the Resolution 12 guys have fought. It is a scandal that it has taken this long.

STV have moved quickly to say that UEFA is unlikely to act as the matter falls out-with the five year period after which an issue is “time barred” but we’ll see if that particular excuse holds up if decide to press this matter as undoubtedly should.

There’s no more information on this at the moment; it’s unclear what the SFA has in its to do and what could impose.

STV’s report says “The governing body has brought two charges against the club, relating to their reporting of the ‘Wee Tax Case’ in paperwork submitted to Hampden.” This of course is factually incorrect, as the false reports were made by the previous club … but this is one of those situations in which the Survival Lie has tied them in knots.

Sevco has until 22 May to respond. The hearing will be on 26 June. The reasons why it’s going to take so long to put the case forward are unclear; the Europa League’s first qualifiers start around then.

Tonight the Resolution 12 guys should feel vindicated.

But we’re still a long way from getting the we deserve in this case.

This is literally a breaking story … there is more to come on this one.

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