Kenny Miller’s Agent Attacks Sevco’s Strategy Saying “You Should Have Made Him The Manager.”

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Kenny Miller has left Ibrox today, his contract at an end, his relationship with the club appearing to be severed and probably for good. He exits the building having launched, via his agent, a broadside against the decision makers inside the walls and it’s one that will come as no surprise to many people here.

The guy thought he should be Sevco boss.

He probably thought that one day he would be.

His agent has laid out the reasons why he would be a good manager; “He has all the attributes you need – he ticks all the boxes. He’s shrewd tactically and has an easy way with players, especially younger ones. … I’m sure that if he’d been appointed (their) managers for six months they could have had a better season.”

Time will tell if Kenny Miller decides to try his hand at management.

Time will tell if he makes a go of it.

Had he been appointed as temporary boss instead of Graeme Murty – as he clearly believes that he should have been – internal critics would have been vocal in their disappointment, in private if not in public, because of his lack of coaching experience.

They turned on Murty for his own lack of it, before giving him a brief respite.

Then they turned the hate up to full again.

Would he have done better than Murty?

I’m going to say no because Murty had some minimal experience whereas Miller didn’t, and in management experience is vitally important.

The Miller story is interesting, because here’s something akin to confirmation from his camp that he did try to undermine his boss, which is a gross a breach of faith with a manager as you could hope to see. But there’s no loyalty at Ibrox, as we all know well, as Gerrard himself will find out soon enough when the problems start to mount up.

Some will accuse Miller and his people of taking a cheap shot as he heads for the exit, directed at the club and Murty for ending his career there, and they’ll be right of course; this is a stunt, an attention seeking stunt, one final one before he’s finished, and it will provoke the response those stunts tend to get. There will be outrage, contempt, anger will bubble up and some of the Peepul will give vent to it … but Miller knows that and doesn’t care.

He knows the message he wanted to send and he’s sent it; those running Sevco are a joke, and the implied criticism is that they’ve overlooked him this time as well and will come to regret it in due course.

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