The Sun’s “Table Of Shame” Was Nothing But A Shoddy Attack On Celtic Fans.

Image for The Sun’s “Table Of Shame” Was Nothing But A Shoddy Attack On Celtic Fans.

So we’re keeping “league tables” of incidents involving pyrotechnics now are we?

What else might we decide to keep score of?

How about articles in national newspapers which seem to exist only to give Celtic a kick over something?

The would be fierce in that one.

Every hack in the country would be vying for the Golden Boot.

I get sick writing about unrelenting attacks on our club and its fans. We all know what the main line of attack has been these past few weeks; I guess we should be grateful for mercies, because this isn’t about that.

But still, it is infuriating just the same.

The Sun are the ones who went with this, according to The Scotsman, who’s website regurgitates every piece of nonsense out there. Dressing it up with pictures doesn’t make it less rancid, and not having the name of that football-fan smearing rag on it doesn’t make an article less shoddy.

The Scotsman took great delight in publishing this trash.

Everyone knows how I feel about and the morons who bring into grounds; I am not going to defend this idiotic practice nor those who are involved in it. But nor am I going to pretend that putting together a “league table” of offenders – at which our club sits top – is anything other than a media outlet looking for any excuse to attack our fans.

This is how I expect the summer to go; be under no illusions that our club is under siege on all sides now, and this is going to be ramped up steadily all the way to the kick off in the next SPL campaign. This site and will continue to be critical where that is due, but this is not criticism, this is not valid scrutiny.

These aren’t articles about Celtic’s transfer policy or their preparedness for the coming season … are the steady chipping away at the club and the supporters’ reputation.

This is scandalous, and we need to resist it.

And you know what else? It’s only going to get worse.

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