, Scott Brown suggested that this was the best Celtic squad he has ever been a part of, and I did a piece on that to examine the claim. Broadly speaking, he’s right.

There were parts of the summer window which were a little underwhelming, but overall the squad has emerged from it stronger than it has been in quite some time and this has been borne out by a series of excellent results, domestically and in Europe.

Celtic is in a .

Only our – and the media – would deny this.

Nine in a row is a campaign us, but this club has been playing in huge campaigns every year for as long as I can remember. We’ve handled the last three years splendidly.

On Sunday we produced scintillating … and secured six out of six in the league. It is our best start to a league campaign since a team called Rangers existed.

And you know what? It reflects our overall superiority.

We have a stranglehold on Scottish football … and these are the reasons it is set to continue.