The Scotsman’s Resident Fool Continues To Talk Up Lennon’s “Sacking Odds.”

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Joel Sked.

The name that makes you want to shut down your internet connection and flee to the woods like a survivalist turning his back on modern life.

Is there a worse online “journalist” than this guy, with his clickbait trash and his dreadful writing?

Today he’s put up his latest idiotic article on the “sack race”, pointing out that McInnes has moved to being favourite whereas this time last week it was Levein.

He did this recently, on the 18 September, about how “safe” Gerrard was.

Today’s barrel scraping headline is; “Aberdeen boss Derek McInnes favourite for the sack – odds cut on Celtic’s Neil Lennon.”

Heckingbottom has actually seen his odds on being booted lengthening after his “winning a point” at the weekend, which as I pointed out is actually a bad result for him and his club.

Which goes to show just how stupid this article is; Heckingbottom’s team is second bottom of the table and already look in serious peril of the relegation battle.

McInnes might be “favourite” to be sacked but he’s not going to be, certainly not next, so a bet on him is a waste of money.

Heckingbottom will fall before him, and on top of that isn’t it pretty amazing that media golden boy Tommy Wright isn’t mentioned in the piece? It’s his team who are rock bottom of the table at the moment, with 3 points from 21.

These kind of articles are trash, nothing more.

The media are like vultures at times, hovering over a field on the eve of battle, waiting for the killing to start.

All of this is forgivable, to an extent, but they also have clear agendas … and the agenda of this piece is to have a dig at Neil Lennon.

“Hibs boss Paul Heckingbottom has gone from 7/4 to 11/4 after the draw with Celtic. A result which saw Neil Lennon’s odds cut from 20/1 to 14/1.”

In my opinion, Neil Lennon has the safest job in Scottish football at the moment.

He delivered a league and a Scottish Cup last season under the most horrendous pressure – much of it put on his shoulders by his own fans, and I am guiltier than most – and has started this season tremendously.

As I said in the last piece, we’re top. We’re in a cup semi-final.

Sked spends his days raking the bottom of the internet floor.

He can publish all the nonsense like this that he chooses to, but his “newspaper” loses credibility every day he’s on the payroll.

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