Nicholas Is Still Moaning About Edouard Even After Eddie’s Told Him To Shut It.

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I see Charlie Nicholas is in the papers this morning, once again attacking Odsonne Edouard over his attitude.

“He must show he cares,” says the man who never cared about anything in his life.

The guy who Celtic raised from a pup but couldn’t wait to leave.

He is still moaning over Edouard not celebrating goals “properly” as though there is a textbook somewhere which tells players how to do it.

Eddie has already responded to this nonsense, so Nicholas is pretty much talking to himself at this point, but still he goes on.

In my opinion, Eddie is the best Celtic striker we’ve had since the King of Kings. It’s not only his goals, it is the work he does and the assists and the way he pulls defenders all over the place. Celtic fans have no complaints at all. Edouard clearly “cares”.

He loves to play and he loves to score.

Not everyone can be as effusive as Nicholas would want … and not all of those who aren’t are interested in faking it. I know how that must seem to get who spent his whole life doing that, but too bad. Eddie has his own way of doing things.

Nicholas long since ceased being anything other than white noise for those inside Celtic Park.

Look at the number of Celtic greats who have been honoured down through the years; where is this guy’s invite to come to Parkhead as the club’s guest?

He hasn’t even been called upon to make a half-time draw; that’s a sure sign that someone isn’t well liked inside the walls.

And it’s no surprise that Lennon doesn’t like him. He never has.

In 2010, he summed up the enormity of his dislike when he slammed Nicholas for trash-talking against the club.

“”I’ve been here 10 years and I’ve never seen Charlie walk in through the door,” he said. “So what Charlie knows about this club I do not know. If he’s criticising (us) … he doesn’t have a clue what he’s talking about. He must get all of his information second hand. How can he know (about) anything? He doesn’t have a clue what’s going on at this club. And I’m really annoyed that I have to give somebody like Charlie – who does nothing but bang away at Scottish football, bang away at Celtic – any press time at all when he’s a negative force. It irks me. He’s nothing but a destructive voice.”

There is nothing that I can add to that.

It was true then, and nine years later it remains true.

Edouard is on great form and Nicholas should be full of praise for him.

That he cannot let go of his personal grievances long enough to be objective even on that is damning.

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