Trumpian King Takes The Applause Of The Peepul He’s Screwing, But Who Are Too Deluded To See Straight.

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Tomorrow I’m going to take a long look at King and the disgrace and scandal he has heaped on his club, and the damage his very presence in the building might do. I am also going to put up another post on lies and why Sevco fans fall for them.

Reading through the reaction on their forums to Friday’s news that King had been cold shouldered by the City of London served as a timely reminder that their capacity for self-delusion knows few limits. They are delighted with King.

They seem to think that his disgrace is somehow a good thing, a positive reflection on them, and that they should be glad to have him.

“He’s taken one for the team,” is the general attitude, inspired by his incredible statement, which he published on their official site, in which he claims that he violated regulations out of love for the club and thus will not appeal and would do it all again.

This should be the statement that sees him drummed out of Scottish football forever; I’ll be going over the SFA tomorrow as well, but right there, in black and white, and under his own name, is a frank disclosure that if he thinks something is in the best interests of the club he will not hesitate to break the rules and even the law of the land.

It’s also a message to sponsors, business partners and everyone else who is involved with that club that they are run by a charlatan, a liar and a crook who will stop at nothing to aggrandise himself, and to Hell with the consequences for all of them.

Ibrox fans believe having such a man in charge there is something to be proud of; what that says about them you could write a book on. All sense of acting like a responsible organisation has gone if it ever existed amongst them in the first place.

To cheer on a man who has brought them disgrace, by being one of only four people sanctioned like this in 50 years, blows your mind.

They remind me so much of the hard, no-deal Brexiteers and Trump voters that I have to wonder if perhaps stupidity isn’t a product of environment or education or any of that stuff but an airborne contaminant that can be spread like the flu.

If a Celtic director had just been subject to that sanction, I would be paralysed by fear for the club until he was removed from the board … it would take about 20 minutes from the moment the City regulator released their statement.

It’s a wonder the rest of the board over there is even willing to see if the SFA makes this decision for them.

But this spells nothing good for the Ibrox club either way. There will either be a bloody coup over there, the SFA will launch itself headlong into battle with them (I don’t see that either) doing immense damage to all concerned or … King will survive and continue.

Just from the standpoint of wanting to see the maximum damage done to the club, that would actually be my preferred outcome. For the good of the game I’d like to see the SFA do away with him. A coup from inside Ibrox might salvage part of the club’s already tattered reputation and so is the one I’d least like to come off … it’s unlikely anyway.

But his actions have damaged them, and in ways that might not even be apparent for a while to come. Every financial institution in the land has been warned off him and quite how the Ibrox supporters can fail to see how that impacts them I do not know.

Their chairman’s conduct is a disgrace, yet like the Trump supporters you see at his rallies they continue to chant his name and fly his flag. Trump once famously said that he could shoot someone dead in the middle of the street and still not lose votes … because some Peepul see only what they want to see, and believe what they want to believe.

Reality plays no part in it at all. Until it hits them.

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