Gerrard’s Dummy Spitting At The Media Over Morelos Will Haunt Him And The Club.

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As I try to gather my thoughts on yesterday’s AGM – get ready for a lengthy piece on that tomorrow – and look forward to tonight’s game I am amazed at the anger being generated over in Sevconia against the hacks who have cried “Aye, right …” over Gerrard’s latest idiotic press conference claim, that their club will not sell Morelos even for £50 million.

Look, it’s clearly nonsensical. If Sevco were offered a tenth of that they’d be seriously put to the test because that’s decent money.

If they were offered a fifth of it they would bit the interested club’s hand off at the wrist. £10 million is the upper end of possibility.

There is no way in Hell that they would turn that kind of money down.

Gerrard’s snipe came when a journalist asked him about the possibility of crazy money being offered for the Colombian. Asked if the club would accept £40 million – imagine even putting that to him? – he said “No, and you can add £10 million as well.”

It was King who produced the £40 million figure, and that was ludicrous enough, but just another example of him brazenly lying in the faces of hacks too cowardly to point it out. But either Gerrard isn’t in on the joke or he really is delusional now.

Morelos will leave Ibrox either in January or the summer, and there is zero chance that the club is going to get anywhere near the kind of money for him that they think they are, and as I keep on pointing out when the day comes they are going to have to go in front of their own supporters and explain to them why that’s happened.

Maybe the strategy will be to blame the player.

Maybe it will be to blame the outgoing Greatest Chairman In The History Of The Game.

Maybe they’ll blame the banks of Mike Ashley or someone else for squeezing them for money when the bid came in.

All the blame in the world will not hide the fact that this is going to end in acute embarrassment for all concerned.

These types of statements just make the whole club look ridiculous. Morelos and his agent – both of whom are desperate for the move – must be in despair reading these sort of comments knowing full well it is scaring off sensible clubs.

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The Ibrox crisis started to get real when the bank who had been keeping Rangers afloat started to sweat at the height of the financial crisis. Who were Rangers’ and Murray’s bankers before being taken over?

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