Loony Alert! Anti-Celtic Durham Thinks Loan Players Doing Well For Their Clubs Constitutes Cheating.

Image for Loony Alert! Anti-Celtic Durham Thinks Loan Players Doing Well For Their Clubs Constitutes Cheating.

Oh where even to begin with this eejit tonight?

How many times must we go over this? Adrian Durham makes Kris Boyd look intelligent.

His anti-Celtic spiels are notorious. He is so bitter that his wife’s lips pucker with distaste when she kisses him in the morning. Today he’s excelled himself with a rant so incontinent they are still cleaning up in the TalkSport studios this evening.

He believes that Celtic is cheating and that Sevco were robbed yesterday.

He said that “Southampton are funding Celtic’s season, they’re funding Celtic’s title bid.”

His rationale is that we are picking up only half of Forster’s salary.

And of course, he makes reference to the Plight of Rangers … and how their finances were scrutinised and they were “sent to the fourth division”, which is historical cobblers as everyone here is well aware.

He appears not to understand that loan deals are legit and that tax fraud is not.

Oh he gets the first part perfectly well, but this is his wave off of that. “(It) feels like it’s blatant cheating. According to the rules it isn’t, but does that sit right with everybody? Is it OK that’s happening?”

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Who scored Celtic’s first ever goal against Sevco?

Uh … yeah everyone else is okay with it, because the rulebook isn’t subject to The Adrian Durham Guide For Idiots interpretation …

He also appears not to realise that most clubs have made or benefited from loan deals and that two of the “stars” of Ibrox under Gerrard are there on loan at the current time.

One of them, Jermaine Defoe, is on higher wages that Forster and consequently Sevco’s title bid is being even more heavily subsidised.

Do we complain about that? No, because football regulations allow for the loaning of players.

I know that some people have come all the way unspooled by this result.

I knew some people would.

But I expected the most spectacular of the unravelling’s to come up here in Scotland, and some of them have been.

To give but one example, Tom English’s lament last night was just beautiful to behold, so complete in its anguish, so furious it would have merited an entire congratulatory thread on Follow Follow if they weren’t convinced he’s a Tim.

Durham says “you know where I am” if you disagree with him; presumably he thinks loads of us are going to take time out of our day to phone him up and argue with him on this, but that would be like having an argument with a primary school pupil about astrophysics.

Nobody sane would ever engage with such obvious lunacy and bias.

I don’t care where he is. I’ll not be arguing the toss with him either way.

But it is the policy of this blog to respond to this kind of thing with mockery and scorn and so I have.

That ends the discussion.

He’s not worthy of any further response.

Our cup win yesterday continues our utter dominance of the hapless Ibrox NewCo … but how well do you know the history of our successes over them? Try our new quiz and find out.

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