Gavin Rae Thinks Sevco Could Still Have Caught Celtic. How? With A Time Machine?

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I like optimists. They make the world a happier place to live in.

But Gavin Rae is not an optimist, no matter what the papers might say this morning.

He’s a fantasist, and they are a different breed entirely.

He thinks Sevco could still have caught Celtic in the league.

An optimist, to quote the online dictionary, is “a person who tends to be hopeful and confident about the future or the success of something.” A fantasist, to use the same dictionary, is described thus; “a person who imagines or dreams about something desired.”

Imagines. Dreams. Words not concerned with reality. You can be hopeful without indulging in dreams or giving flight to your imagination. There is exactly not one shred of evidence which suggests that Sevco would have been able to catch us.

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Who scored Celtic’s first ever goal against Sevco?

Our form was too good. Theirs was too patchy. Gerrard has not won five league games on the bounce at the club. We had played 30 and won 26. We had secured the first trophy of the season. We were in the Scottish Cup semi-final. Who was going to stop us?

The media loves this stuff; they love to indulge the Sevco fans in these kind of stories.

It does all concerned a major disservice because their fans are encouraged to believe that the SPFL decision – which should come tomorrow – is some sort of crime instead of a simple acknowledgement that no more games will be played and that therefore the league is done.

And with our league lead we are worthy champions.

Those who think we could have been caught have never really explained how. It might be possible, but only with a time machine. At what point would they have been capable of stopping our march to ten if they were able to jump back and change something?

I’ll tell you where; Fergus McCann.

If they had stopped his takeover of Celtic they’d have had a chance.

Fergus was the tipping point.

From that moment on, they were done.

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