Another Good Run Out, Two Goals For Klimala And Unexpected News On The Transfer Front.

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Well this has been an interesting day so far.

There’s a lot to catch up with, but let’s start with the game that took place this afternoon.

Celtic strolled that one. Fielding what was essentially a B-team full of kids, with only a handful of the senior players in the ranks, we took on a well organised Hibs team who actually had the lead before we overcame them to win 3-1.

A couple of things stood out this afternoon, albiet we’re talking here about a pre-season game where nothing really counts. The first is that Soro looks like a player; he was solid and steady. I like him. We’ve got something here.

Klimala continued to impress too, and he helped himself to two goals.

In terms of the first one I mean that literally.

I remember laughing out loud at a particular passage in Nick Hornby’s Fever Pitch about how Malcolm “Supermac” MacDonald once shamelessly tried to claim a goal when he hadn’t even touched the ball, and TV footage conclusively proved it.

What Klimala did here wasn’t quite as cheeky as that, but it was in the ballpark.

Leigh Griffiths, who’s had about as tough a few weeks as you could ever want to avoid, had gotten into the box, skinned a defender and clipped the ball neatly towards the far corner of the net. There’s no question it was heading in. Then Klimala ghosted in at the back post and toe poked it over the line. There were three of us watching that in my living room and I think all our jaws hit the floor at the same time over the brazenness of it!

Griffiths took it in good spirits; what choice did he have? The big Polish striker showed more hunger in that instant than we’ve seen from Bayo in all the time he’s been at Parkhead. No harm to the big chap, I think there’s a player there, but I think his time is up.

Because a transfer story has bubbled up on us, and it’s that Ajeti of West Ham looks to be on the way to Celtic Park after all. As I’ve said on this site before, even playing two up front there’s no need for five strikers at the club. The Polish boy has looked sharp and he’s clearly put in the work. If the manager has decided to forgive and forget when it comes to Leigh – as looks likely – and we know there’s no way on Earth Edouard is going anywhere, then Bayo is clearly off.

We have a strike-force which is going to get us goals. Loads of them. I am quite excited about watching this team in the coming campaign, and whilst we do need another couple of players in a couple of positions I see us in really good shape.

Let’s talk for a minute about the kids.

Dembele scored the equaliser before the Klimala show got underway. Ewan Henderson played well until he was subbed. Luca Connell came in and was very impressive. But two players at the back – Welsh and McInroy – I thought were excellent.

Welsh played his first senior game last season; he will be part of the squad in this campaign. McInroy played for part of yesterday as well, although out of position at left back I thought he looked solid in both games. That boy has a future at the club.

Overall I was pleased with that, and on a day when there is positive transfer news too there’s no reason not to be happy. We’re less than a week from kick-off … and our players look as if they are almost up to speed. Good times.

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