Celtic’s Season Ticket Sell Out Is A Victory That Belongs To Our Incredible Fans.

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The news, tonight, that our club has sold out its season ticket allocation and that there is record breaking demand on the waiting list is incredible, and it is a tribute to the loyalty and faith of our support. Some will say it was to be expected in the ten-in-a-row season, but with fans not even knowing if they’ll be allowed in football grounds this is phenomenal.

This could have really hurt us, you know.

In spite of the ten campaign, there was no guarantee that supporters would sign up for this knowing they might never see the inside of a stadium.

Reports that fans will be back in October have to be considered alongside the news that European countries are considering lockdowns again.

We have to expect the worst.

Yet our fans have stepped up. How amazing is that?

The club is buzzing right now, the whole club. These are not the conditions under which we wanted a season to be getting underway, but here we are and not only have we made the best of it but the fans have risen to the challenge like never before.

A record breaking season ticket run.

Record breaking waiting list numbers.

What an incredible show of strength that is.

What incredible loyalty.

This is the measure of Celtic.

It’s not in the trophies won, or the history, or the players or the board.

It’s not the next signing we make or the next record we set.

The measure of this club has always been us, you and me, the fans, the supporters, the people who count.

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