Celtic Looks Set To Finally Complete A Striker Deal, And Probably Not For One Of Options We Dreaded.

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First up, let’s do this; farewell to Vakoun Bayo, who has completed his move to Toulouse. Will we see him back in a Celtic shirt again? Even if this is a loan deal only that has to be seriously in doubt, because we are about to complete one of our own striker deals.

And thank God, it isn’t one of those options which terrified us yesterday.

Fletcher has apparently balked at being offered only one year, as if it was even remotely likely that we would give him anything longer than that.

He is 33, and in no way a first choice. We’re not talking Sevco and Defoe here.

Like I said earlier, we have been founded on a charitable basis but Celtic is not a charity and mustn’t be mistaken for one.

Lennon says talks with Fletcher are still ongoing, but I’d think he’s very much the backup right now.

Lyle Taylor, thank God, was not even being considered.

Sky, as per usual, had their facts wrong on that one but I make no apology for my scathing piece of last night on that subject, because it is important, I think, that we register our disapproval at these tales in case anyone at Celtic Park thinks fans would accept such low-rent options in this year of all years.

The deal we look like we’re going to get over the line is the one for Ajeti, where we’ve been steered some seriously bad disinformation over the last week or so. I did tell you that deal wasn’t dead because in spite of what the media was reporting the player was never thinking twice about signing for us but was in a dispute over money with his current club.

Thanks to a good friend of this site for that steer.

If he’s happy for me to name him I’ll be pleased to do it, but for now I’ll just give him a hat-tip here instead.

If Ajeti signs next week, as seems certain, we’re in good shape up front. We’ve lost a striker and brought in a new one, but I think most of us would have to acknowledge that this is a better option for us, and so makes us stronger.

The big West Ham forward will challenge the main strikers for a place and will enhance the squad for what is going to be a tough campaign.

Good business Celtic, and let’s look forward to welcoming him to Paradise.

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