The Latest Odsonne Edouard Transfer Story Is Insulting To Celtic And The Player.

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Reports in Italy, gleefully reproduced by clickbait sites and in the mainstream media, suggest that AC Milan have made signing Edouard a priority in January.

Everyone who regularly reads this blogs knows exactly how I feel about these nonsensical stories, but tonight’s is even more nonsensical than most because it manages to be grossly offensive too.

Not only is it assumed that we would sell Edouard – just simply assumed – and thus abandon our own title challenge, but it’s assumed that he would go to Milan and not even as a first team player but, get this, as the “understudy” to Ibrahimovi?.

What arrogance and presumption. Whatever Edouard’s plan is I am fairly sure he’s not going anywhere to play understudy to someone else.

He is good enough to play for top clubs, and that’s exactly what he will leave Celtic to do. To play.

Once again, there are no hard numbers involved. There is no clear sign that they are willing to meet whatever asking price would even get us to pick up the phone. Once again, this is just tittle-tattle dressed up as real football news.

Do I think Milan have Edouard on a list somewhere? Sure they do, along with a dozen other strikers probably. The way this stuff works is that they start at the top and work their way down, and the first question they have for clubs is “are we wasting our time?”

Unless the Celtic board wants a full-scale melt-down the answer to that question will be yes. The manager has said so, and even if he’s not going to be at Parkhead next season he knows he needs the big Frenchman for every second he spends here.

Celtic will not sell Odsonne Edouard in this window. Bottom line.

They cannot afford to, so when the first club calls and asks “how much?” they will be told that … and that should be the end of the story.

It won’t be, of course.

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