Frimpong Is On His Way Out Of Celtic As Our Disintegration Gathers Pace.

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Neil Lennon has confirmed rumours that Jeremie Frimpong is abroad right now talking to another club ahead of a move out of Parkhead. That story was broken online by the guys at The Scottish Football Monitor earlier, and their head boy deserves credit for sticking to his guns when he was getting criticised for it. This is where are right now.

This is the start of the breakup of the whole squad, whilst the manager remains in post.

Lennon himself was quite blasé about this;

“He wanted to leave,” he said. Which a lot of our current squad does, so perhaps this isn’t the last sale we’re going to see.

Celtic is in complete collapse folks; we’re watching the total disintegration happening right in front of us and the Betfair offers for 2021 don’t reflect favourably.

We’ve got a manager taking a press conference who should have been out of a job months ago, telling us how he’s releasing one of our most promising young players in a window where we’ve not even replaced a central defender who faces months on the side-lines.

There is no plan, there are no standards, there is no point in hoping for anything like that now.

We have chucked it, every single person at Celtic Park.

“The player is ambitious,” says Lennon as if that’s an excuse, and you know what?

The player sees the writing on the wall.

Because it’s become clear that the leadership at the club has no ambition whatsoever, not even to save the tattered remnants of their own reputations. Every one of them has checked out. We are leaderless.

Having given the player permission to depart on those grounds I don’t know how we’ll keep Edouard, Christie, McGregor, Ajer or anyone else who wants to go right now, and if I were in their shoes I’d be giving it serious thought.

Indeed, Lennon has good as confirmed that it’s likely … “I don’t expect many to go,” he says.

Yeah we’ll see if it’s “not many” and who they are.

Words cannot adequately convey how absolutely sick I am of this club right now and everyone in it, from the joker masquerading as a football manager to those above his head who have mismanaged us into our darkest hours since 1994.

Don’t think this is the end of it either.

The club which assured fans that no key players would be sold in this window has brazenly lied to us about that; we should not be surprised if there are a few more going out the door before it shuts.

What a goddamned shambles we are in.

Total freefall now.

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