Redknapp’s Piece On Why Lampard Would Manage Celtic Is Patronising Guff.

Image for Redknapp’s Piece On Why Lampard Would Manage Celtic Is Patronising Guff.

Didn’t we call this yesterday, folks?

It was predictable, wasn’t it?

No sooner had he been sacked from Chelsea but some of the less imaginative of the hacks were pushing this nonsense linking him with Celtic, with the idea that he might go “head to head” with Gerrard again, only this time from the dugout instead of on the park.

You just knew The Record would be pushing this guff as well, right?

And who did they feature in an interview, pushing this idea but Harry Redknapp, Lampard’s uncle and one of the serial failures who, until he retired in 2018, always seemed to have a job down there.

What I find most ridiculous about the pieces is how Redknapp says that Lampard would definitely consider us cause we’re this great club and blah blah blah.

But we don’t need some EPL has-been to tell us that, because even in this colossal mess we’re in we know this stuff already. We know with the right leadership at the top of the house and the right level of ambition we will be winning everything in Scotland again in short order and the House That Coffee Built across the city will come tumbling down.

(Sense of humour guys? Come on …)

Redknapp is a patronising git. His reassurance is laced through with English arrogance.

The question isn’t whether Lampard would move to Celtic but why in Hell we would want him to?

He’s done nothing in the dugout which suggests that he’s ready for the gig.

He’s got no great CV to fall back on, just a famous name. That’s not good enough, and not even now when the “Ibrox experiment” and whatever it’s built on looks like bringing some fleeting success.

Redknapp and others almost act like these guys are doing us a favour even having their names mentioned in the same sentence as Celtic. The reverse is true, actually. Publicly linking him to the Celtic job changes the story from “SACKED” to “sought after, and that’s the game being played here by people who must think the rest of us are daft.

How can I put this? Okay, how about like this?

Neil Lennon, with his own CV, and the trophies he’s won, has a better reputational claim than Frank Lampard does.

He has a won things. He a body of work behind him.

However limited, he has proven that he can achieve success.

As desperate as I am for an end to our current nightmare, I would rather leave Lennon in charge than take a punt on a PR pick no matter how many Sky Sports specials they’d make in the close season.

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