Kris Boyd Cheers Up Celtic Fans By Jamming Another Foot In His Own Mouth.

Image for Kris Boyd Cheers Up Celtic Fans By Jamming Another Foot In His Own Mouth.

Kris Boyd opens his mouth. Kris Boyd closes his mouth.

In between the first act and the second Kris Boyd has a remarkable ability to shove his foot in there before his jaws clamp shut.

I wonder that he has not yet choked on a slip-on shoe.

Whenever Celtic fans need cheering up, we can rest easy knowing that some example of his stupidity is never too distant, never too far down the line, to provide us with a chink of light, even in the most suffocating darkness.

Today is no exception.

Remember how I told you that this geezer is so consumed by his hatred of Celtic that he has no ability to think rationally when it comes to our club? I don’t think you could get a better example of that than the one he gave us this morning.

Speaking about those inside Celtic who have taken heart from the performance at the weekend, he had this to say;

“I’ve heard a lot of Celtic people say they made (us) look ordinary, but what champions do is win games. They may not play well but being dominated and still winning doesn’t make you an average team … But it’s amazing how (we) went and totally dominated that BetFred Cup Final and all you heard was ‘that’s what champions do is win the game’. And now because Celtic have dominated (us) for 40 minutes, (we) are all of a sudden an average team.”

You just know what I’m going to say next, don’t you?

You just know what it is that I did when I read that!

Yes, that’s right, I went and checked out what his own comments were like after the BetFred Cup Final, and yes, as I imagine you guessed, he has made himself look like a complete yahoo once again because his own comments after that game were not unlike those which people at Celtic have made since Saturday.

This guy invites scorn and ridicule.

“If they can play like they did on Sunday then they have no one to fear in Scotland,” he said of the Ibrox club. “If Steven is stripping everything back and looking at the game then I don’t think there are too many negatives to take from it.”

Ahem, except as he points out in Celtic’s case they didn’t win it.

Quite how he can tell his pals at Ibrox to take positives from a defeat whilst scorning folk at Celtic for doing the same I do not know, except that he cannot stand us and doesn’t even hide that.

So thanks for the laugh, as usual, Kris Boyd.

You wear your hypocrisy on your sleeve, and your stupidity with it.

It never stops being a source of amusement for us.

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