Lennon’s “Old Firm” Reference Today Adds Him To The List Of Liquidation Deniers.

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For years, senior people at our club have been at great pains to avoid the use of the phrase “Old Firm.”

How much trouble have they taken not to use it?

Let me put it this way, after a concerted fan campaign to ditch the phrase they had ceased doing it prior to 2012.

In short, Celtic stopped using the term back when Rangers was still alive.

Today that changed, like so many other things at our club in the past few months.

And the person who finally broke ranks and used the term was none other than Neil Lennon.

So there you have it folks, the club no longer even pretends not to be in the Liquidation Denial business any longer.

We’ve all known for a while that this club was perfectly content to have the Survival Lie remain unchallenged.

Perhaps we’ll send them a message congratulating them on their “150th anniversary” next year.

Maybe even on “winning 55.”

Cause that’s where our club is right now, pissing all over us from a great height and, to quote a James Cameron character, not even giving us the courtesy now of calling it rain.

Lennon’s view of the fans has also hardened into the same contempt that the rest of the club has for us; his unbelievable answer, dripping with arrogance and condescension, to the 90 Minute Cynic team today was dreadful almost beyond belief.

It was a press conference of excuses and more pish about “mitigating circumstances” being behind our failure to win in the last four games.

None of it stands up.

In one of those games we played against a weakened Livingston side, and in the two Dubai hit matches we should have had more than enough about us to get victories, as they were at home.

But it’s the “Old Firm” comment that deserves to be remembered from this; it’s the day our club stopped kidding that it’s even remotely on the same wavelength as the people whose money pays for this evolving shit-show.

Today, the one person I never expected to hear endorse that lie, Neil Lennon, “one of our own”, in his capacity as the manager of our football club, joined the ranks of those pushing the most toxic idea there is.

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