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The Media’s Anti-Celtic Wailing Reminds You How Much They Hate Us Winning.

Image for The Media’s Anti-Celtic Wailing Reminds You How Much They Hate Us Winning.

Should Scott Brown have been sent off?

Was the penalty a penalty?

Was Edouard offside when he scored his second goal?

If you believe what you hear in the media these are the “talking points” from last night. It is ridiculous.

Honest to God, isn’t it tiresome?

The Ibrox club’s resident ned can throw elbows and punch and stamp his way through games, score winning goals when he shouldn’t even be on the park, and the media would rather focus on his strike rate.

Celtic win comfortably, giving us all a much needed break from the swirl of negativity, and the media wants a major inquest into bad decisions.

Hey, the official tonight was Kevin Clancy.

The game was his reward for missing Morelos’ blatant stamp.

If he had a dreadful night, then let’s talk about how dreadful a referee he is overall.

If you think Brown was lucky to stay on, that Ajeti dived and that Eddie cheated by having the brass neck to put the ball in the net when he should have stopped, picked it up and gave it to the ref then great; let’s not blame Celtic but the dire whistler who shouldn’t have been near a top flight game in the first place after his shocking display at Easter Road.

Let’s talk about that, and about refereeing reform which James Fowler seems to think is necessary and which Steven Gerrard and his ever whinging club seems to think is essential all of a sudden because their resident thug has been carpeted again.

No? I thought not.

Instead the media will whip itself up into a frenzy and scream about how Kilmarnock have been done an injustice.

It’s the kind of conversation no-one was interested in having on behalf of Hibs.

So if you accept that it’s not really about crap refereeing then what the Hell are they all squealing like pigs about this morning?

That’s easy enough; it’s because Celtic won.

Even in a year when nearly everything has fallen the way of their favourite club, even with us 20 plus points behind, even when we’re still mired in crisis and stuck in the mud, they still hate seeing us win.

They would hate it if we won at miniature golf and hold an inquest into the length of the grass.

One of the most satisfying things about winning these days is knowing how disappointed it leaves so many people all around us, people who would kill us just to watch us die.

Last night reminded those Peepul that we are still a very good football team when we are playing as a unit and on our game. They keep on hoping that the collapse will be total, that the club itself will be left in ruins … but we’re much too structurally strong for that.

There will need to be rebuild and an overhaul, yes … but with the right manager at the helm and the right coaching team behind him I don’t believe it will be long before the remnants of this team and the additions he brings in will soon be blowing teams away on a regular basis.

I will enjoy their pain mightily when that day comes around.

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