Date: 25th February 2021 at 8:45pm
Written by:

Nathan Patterson scored his first goal for the NewCo tonight.

So much for his career at the club being .

So much for that club taking breaches of the seriously.

How can anyone sanely believe a word that comes out that place again?

They have nothing but contempt for rules and regulations and the greater good of the game.

If this had been Celtic players we’d have been crucified for putting them right back in the team.

As I said in an earlier piece, the efforts to rehabilitate their reputations was already well underway, as the club had plans for all of these guys. The only one who looks like he’ll pay any kind of price for his offence is Zuniga and that’s only because the club will be able to dodge out of buying him on a permanent deal in the summer.

The two Ibrox players who were lambasted after the first incident, and sent out on and told their careers were effectively over, must be wondering what they did that was so venal and corrupt when these five – second offenders; which should always carry a worse sentence – were so easily welcomed back into the fold.

The answer is; you’re just not very good.

The club had no plans for you so it didn’t care about throwing you on the scrapheap, even if you – as many suspect – took the bullets for others who were there. It doesn’t really matter does it?

Edmundson and Jones were kicked to the kerb.

These guys got warmth, understanding and respect.

Some of them, anyway.

It’s incredible that even within the five there’s no consistency at all. Gerrard wraps his arms around this guy whilst telling Zuniga he’s blown his chance at a permanent deal.

It’s ludicrous, it’s all over the place, and nobody in the media even questions this stuff.

One thing is for sure; the club has hardly punished these guys at all.

Patterson will be the toast of the press tomorrow; indeed, tonight they are saying the player is “redeeming himself” and that Gerrard has been rewarded for “showing faith.”

Let’s not forget what we’re talking about here; this guy and the rest of them broke a national lockdown to go to a house party.

They risked their safety and that of everyone within the club.

They risked the greater public health.

They set an horrendous example.

The club has done nothing to suggest that this carries any kind of punishment or any kind of sentence.

Instead one of them is basking in the glory of a European goal whilst the rest of the game watches in stunned silence at the brazenness of it, at the double standard and at the media hypocrites who are cheering this on but would have happily shut Celtic .

The club itself has no shame at all, not one scintilla of it.

They haven’t even said a word yet about abuse cases involving the OldCo, unabashedly hiding behind the Survival Lie which is the foundation of their own claim to be “going for 55.”

What an abysmal institution that is over there.