Brown’s Celtic Departure Is Necessary. There Are No Shortcuts To Our Rebuild.

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Scott Brown is allegedly on the brink of joining Aberdeen as their assistant manager.

Will it happen? I don’t know, but it looks as if it’s on.

The Pittodrie club is apparently about to prove that it can do worse than Derek McInnes with the massively underwhelming appointment of Stephen Glass. And he, it seems, wants Scott Brown as his number two.

I’ll do another piece on what the Brown thing portends later, but right now I’m going to say that I’m broadly happy if this is the decision he takes.

I said I hoped that he would turn down our bid for a new deal, and it looks as if he’s about to … good. For him and, in the end, for the betterment of Celtic.

Let the recent game against the Ibrox club be his swansong.

It was a good one. He went out on form.

He reminded people, again, of what he can do.

Scott Brown is a habit with our club, one we’ve shown no interest in breaking. Another year of this? To force Brown on a manager who might not want him? This is ridiculous. If he turns us down, it’s right for all concerned.

I suspect that the Glass experiment at Aberdeen might be a short one.

So Brown might find himself departing with him, at least in terms of the management team.

But he’ll be on the books there as a player and I reckon the Pittodrie club would be grooming him, from day one, as next in command; that is a brilliant thing for Scott and his future.

It may well be what smooths the path for his return to Celtic one day.

The most important feature of this decision is that will force minds at Celtic to focus on reality; this rebuild is going to be big, and it’s not going to be cheap, and Brown is only one of the players we are going to have to replace.

There are no stop-gaps, there are no cheap solution … this is a whole new start for the club and it has to be done properly.

Brown committing to another year lets certain people believe that some of these decisions can be delayed. Again. But that’s how we got here, by putting things off like this, until situations became untenable.

We have to move forward with purpose for once.

Scott has been a magnificent servant to Celtic.

The club owes him the opportunity he will get here.

We should give that man our full support and allow him to move on.

He has given us the best years of his playing career. His coaching career is something new and we aren’t going to make him anything like the sort of offer he’s being given at Aberdeen.

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If this comes off I’m pleased for him. We all should be. It’s also the right thing for Celtic, although that might not be immediately apparent to many people. It’s forward march for us, and for Scott Brown as well.

I can’t think of a downside … except for the board.

More on that one later on today.

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