Celtic Shared Won’t Be A Popular Fan Organisation, But They Will Be An Effective One.

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There are times when the messenger gets shot because the message is not something the recipient or recipients are in the mood to hear or read or have delivered to them.

And there are times when the messenger is shot simply because those same people just don’t like the messenger.

I am sure that when The Green Brigade decided to set up a fan organisation called Celtic Shared they were well aware that they would meet opposition. They are smart kiddies; they knew that a pressure group set up to put the board under constant scrutiny was not something that was going to go down well with certain sections of the support.

But they knew too that their own involvement would have pissed certain people off even if all they were doing was pointing out that the sky was blue and the grass green.

Some people in our support just don’t like these guys, and they know it and they also know that there’s nothing whatsoever that they can do about that.

Their decision to try and build a fan organisation is courageous, and the knowledge that they are doing so at a difficult time marks them out as especially tough.

I said in an article some months ago that their statements and banners against the board have fundamentally changed their relationship with the club, which was strong in spite of some testing times.

But these guys have chosen a commitment to the greater cause, and they are determined to see that through. They might not be popular, but I know for sure that these guys are organised, they are determined and they are not messing about.

This is why I think they will also be effective.

And you know what else convinces me of that?

They are willing to leave their own egos at the door, which is reflected in their public support for The Celtic Trust and its own objectives.

Yes, it’s going to be very interesting seeing where these folks go from here … they will not take everyone with them, but then Celts For Change didn’t either.

Guys who want to change the status quo never, ever do.

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