Celtic’s Latest Managerial “Snub” Is One We’re Breathing A Sigh Of Relief Over.

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It’s always good when a Celtic managerial snub story makes you feel better than when you started to read it, and tonight we’ve had one of those enjoyable ones as yet another alleged candidate – Mick McCarthy – has apparently dropped out of the running.

Let’s be honest, it’s highly doubtful that he was ever actually in the running.

This one blipped on the radar for one reason only; he’s Irish and some people assume that it’s the kind of appointment that Desmond will go for. The worst of it is, they might be right.

I swear to God, if we hire another Irish manager I will be highly unimpressed at the lack of invention, not to mention ambition, as the list of them is small and we’ve already had the best two of them by far in the last 20 years.

But McCarthy would have been a shocking appointment, a major step backwards even accounting for the hiring of Lennon.

These old-school bosses are the absolute last sort we should be looking to, and I reckon the board knows that.

They are not putting a modern new structure in place just so we can hire somebody from that generation … it would be pointless.

I reckon the press would have had a lot of fun with this one if there had been the slightest chance of it happening. But he’s signed a new deal with his current club tonight and that removes him from any consideration. Thank God.

Of course, some are going to dress it up as a snub; I wrote about this earlier today, of course. In this case, as with the Lambert story, I am glad that we can put it to bed.

They’ll get their one day headlines and enjoy the moment … but we don’t need to have nightmares about what the reality of McCarthy running the football club would have been like.

To me, that’s a result.

But we need to get this situation sorted soon.

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