Two Loan Bhoys Make Their Case For Coming Home To Celtic Next Season.

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Today there is talk that Jack Hendry wants to come home.

I would bring him back in two seconds, because he’s done what a player out on loan is supposed to do; he’s gone out, he’s played regularly and he’s improved as a footballer.

He has earned it, and the only question that was really being asked was whether or not he wanted to return.

There are hints today that he does.

Welcome him with open arms, Celtic.

At a time when we need every player we can get – to keep this rebuild from getting out of hand – we should wrap a big arm around this guy, extend his contract for a year and see what we’ve got.

I think we’ll be very happy with what we find. The standard in Belgium is arguably better than it is here, so we know that he can handle himself now.

There are continuing good things being heard from France about Vakoun Issouf Bayo.

I thought the way we treated that boy was ridiculous, and he’s another who could come home if he wanted and I hope that he does. Because he’s another guy we could get something from.

The thing is, both of the clubs have options to buy our guys and if they exercise those and the players want to go then we can’t really prevent that. But with a new manager incoming, we are about to make a fresh start.

These guys should be part of that, if they want to be.

There are others out there, like Maryan Shved, who may or may not return, but these are the two guys who are most interesting because they are playing and enjoying football again.

We won’t know what we have with these guys until we try them out and the new manager should have the opportunity to do that.

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