Why Would Celtic Fans Be Angry Over Our Young Players Moving Out On Loan?

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Earlier, one of the clickbait sites had me spitting at a headline which suggested that Celtic fans were up in arms over the decision to let Ewan Henderson go out on loan.

The article was dire. It featured a handful of tweets from fans moaning about it.

This surely cannot reflect the wider views of the fans; indeed, I know that it doesn’t.

Because why in God’s name would it? There are a handful of games to go in this campaign, and Ewan isn’t going to play in them and we know he isn’t. Kennedy is trying to establish himself as someone who knows what he’s doing for his next gig.

He will not take the slightest risk like that, it’s why he’s opted to play it safe all the way so far.

But we have two choices here; to let these kids rot at Celtic Park whilst we get our act together or to send them out to play matches in the meantime. To me, it’s good that Henderson is out there.

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He is going to be a first team player next season and I would rather he had some matches under his belt before this campaign ends.

This chronic lack of opportunities is why so many of our young players have opted to leave, and why others – included Dembele – will follow them out the door.

Reports suggest that he turned down the opportunity to go out on loan; what a ridiculous decision that is, and one that shows him up as another arrogant youth player who apparently thinks he’s too good for the likes of that.

So he stays at Parkhead and stagnates, which is not good for him, or for us.

Henderson wants to play. That’s all to the good.

He knows that a Celtic jersey isn’t something that comes to you by right, as Dembele seems to assume. It has to be earned. It has to be fought for, grabbed hold of and not let go.

Sometimes the best way to make sure you have that is to go somewhere else for a while.

It has worked for others, like McGregor, Ajer and Christie.

It may well prove to be the making of Jack Hendry’s Celtic’s career, should he choose to exercise the option to return.

The good players – those who believe in themselves – know this stuff, and the fans know it as well.

The idea that Celtic supporters believe it’s a bad thing that our kids are out playing football and getting themselves ready for next season … it’s a joke.

Most of us applaud this stuff.

Whilst we’re rather see these players in the Hoops in the here and now, we don’t want them sitting on the bench every week.

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