Date: 6th March 2021 at 5:17pm
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There was unbelievable video footage on Sky Sports News just then; at today at Ibrox, their players ran off the pitch towards an open security gate and, with the manager alongside them, they celebrated in front of their law-breaking .

I’ve written about this twice already today, and I’ve pointed out that their club doesn’t give a shit about the regulations the of us have to live with.

This is the footage that conclusively proves it.

They didn’t care in the least about public perception, or about the fall-out that the day’s events should provoke.

If the SFA has grounds to discipline them it, they don’t care about that either.

On top of that, Police Scotland clearly allowed the gate to be opened, and as far as I’m concerned they are now actively engaged in encouraging reckless behaviour and law-breaking at that club.

All the way through this crisis, they have shown a complete disregard for the rules and regulations which the rest of the country lives with.

Celtic was given full government and SFA permission to go to Dubai, and the result was investigations, statements from politicians and a general outcry, and I write this as someone who was completely opposed to the trip and furious with the club for going ahead with it.

Still, the hypocrisy absolutely reeks.

Next weekend they come to Parkhead. Their contempt for the regulations – which comes from the very top of the house over there – has been fully exposed. The government and Police Scotland, and the SFA as well, has a to make based on what we’ve witnessed today … and by their actions or lack thereof they will most definitely be judged.

That was a flat-out disgrace.

That was an insult to this whole country and the struggles we’re all having to endure. One football club and its supporters, with their sense of entitlement, have ridden roughshod over the rules the rest of us are expected to follow.

Gerrard and his players have wilfully participated in an act of mass law-breaking in full defiance of the government and the police, in front of their own supporters, giving them license to do as they please.

This isn’t just the fans, this is the club itself, pissing all over the rules.

If that doesn’t have , then nothing will.