David Martindale Is Trolling Celtic Fans With His Kennedy For Manager Talk.

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David Martindale finally gave Celtic what he hasn’t managed to muster for us all season; praise.

A modicum of respect.

But it was tinged with a little game playing and point scoring and a clear attempt to troll us.

He decided to promote the cause of John Kennedy.

I smiled when I heard it. He joins the handful of others who have promoted the same unacceptable scenario, few of them friends of Celtic.

I certainly don’t regard him as belonging in that club, because he’s taken shots at us all season long whilst promoting the greatness of Ibrox every chance he’s gotten. The man can’t hide his disdain for us and don’t even try.

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Kennedy will not be appointed boss no matter how well he did yesterday, or how well he does next week or for the rest of this campaign. I will write more about the way Kennedy has got us playing later on; for now, all I’m going to say is that he also spoke after the game in a manner which suggests that he sees the writing on the wall quite clearly.

There never was much hope for him, not with the way this campaign has gone.

We cannot reward one of the management team who presided over this train wreck of a season with a promotion; it’s simply not tenable. The board knows this.

Even if this was once part of the plan it certainly isn’t going to wash now.

Fans have made up their minds on this.

Martindale is not an idiot, in spite of his jailhouse education. (That’s me being sarcastic yes.)

He knows Kennedy won’t get it, but he sees a chance to promote an idea which to call it “deeply unpopular” with our fans would be pouring honey on the concept.

Celtic has invited this kind of gamesmanship.

The longer we go on without an appointment the more fun eejits like this are going to have at our expense.

Martindale knows that he’s tapping into the fears of a section of our fan-base here, and although he certainly knows that this idea is nonsensical he is counting on others not realising the same.

The only way to shut this nonsense down is to make an announcement and close off this avenue of attack. The longer we drag this out – and never forget our ticking clock – the happier, and more relaxed, we will all feel.

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