Important Managerial Decision Helps Celtic In Their Quest For Eddie Howe.

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The decision by the London Whites yesterday to sack Jose Mourinho spooked a few people who have been fearing that such a change in the English football landscape – a minor one by the standards of yesterday – may be the snowball rolling down the hill that starts the avalanche, and that our quest to get Eddie Howe would be lost in the storm.

Well, that fear was significantly eased this morning when the Whites announced that their would be staying until the end of the season. Which means that Rodgers will most definitely finish out the campaign at Leicester, and thus prevent exactly the sort of worst-case-scenario we may have been facing.

The Whites have gotten themselves into a real mess.

Whilst still a big job, their club, along with the London Reds and Blues, the Trafford Reds, the Etihad Blues and the Merseyside Reds, facing major problems with UEFA, their local authorities (hence the likely name changes), the Premier League and the government.

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If you were an out-of-work manager, or one in a good job right now, you might want to wait to see which the wind is blowing before you opted to take a gig at any of these particular teams.

I suspect that’s why the Whites waiting.

Whatever their reasons, the news today is good us.

It leaves Howe looking at one of the less attractive options as an alternative to Celtic Park.

Last night, on the telly, he sounded like a man who gets it and whilst his comments will be perused any sign than when he talks about building that what he’s actually doing is saying he’d take one of those lesser jobs, he could just as easily be talking about the scale of the task at our club, not just domestically but in Europe.

So instead of waiting Rodgers to be linked to the Whites and for the stories about Howe going to Leicester confusing the picture for all us all, Celtic has one last chance to bring this matter to a satisfactory close.

It’s too late to save even the smallest crumb of comfort from this season, but as I’ll be writing later if we’re going to salvage anything from the next campaign we need to start right now.

Remember and vote on our Eddie Howe poll, folks … make your feelings known.

How Much Longer Should We Give Eddie Howe?

A few more days

A few more days

Middle of next week

Middle of next week

End it now and move on

End it now and move on

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