Kennedy Confirms That The Sun Made Up The Celtic Director Of Football Story.

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John Kennedy confirmed what this website knew yesterday, that the story which suggested that he was in the running to become the club’s Director of Football was “made up.”

He actually used those very words. “Someone’s obviously had a guess at it,” he said.

That just about sums our media up, and the writer of yesterday’s absolutely disastrous article, Derek McGregor, ought to be answering questions from his bosses this afternoon, although I have to be honest that they need to look at themselves as well for allowing what was an obvious piece of fiction to lead their sports news yesterday.

It might well have been the stupidest story I’ve read since the hunt for the new backroom team and the manager began, and that’s saying something. The obvious holes, including that Kennedy would have been Howe’s boss, were so large they seemed impossible to ignore, but not only did The Sun publish this drivel but other papers echoed it.

None more so than The Scotsman, who’s writer Andrew Smith wrote in glowing terms about how it was hard to argue against Kennedy’s credentials … when Kennedy has no credentials for the job.

Not one, not a single one to speak of.

Every one of them should be hanging their heads in shame.

The story was preposterous and these papers published it.

Today Kennedy has called its writer either a liar or a fantasist, I’m not sure which of these tags would hurt the most.

But he certainly isn’t a journalist.

Kennedy doesn’t know what the future holds for him at Celtic Park yet, but it doesn’t hold that job or any job like it.

The club may want to retain him in some capacity, but increasingly that looks as if it will be Eddie Howe’s call to make and Kennedy himself may not want to hang around if his options are limited and he’s going to be a mere coach again.

This is a guy with a future in the game, outside of Celtic Park.

It is important, I think, that he leaves for his own benefit, because he risks being pigeonholed otherwise.

But when he goes it will be to do a job he’s qualified for … you will not see him running a nuclear reactor or taking a stint at brain surgery.

Nor is somebody going to appoint him as a director of football.

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