Celtic Is Filled With People Who Want The Club To Be Better Than It Currently Is.

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Earlier in the week, I got a call from somewhere very senior at Celtic Park, a call in which I was assured that the club is doing everything that it can to repair its relationship with the fans and push its way into a brighter and better future.

I believed the caller. I appreciated the call.

Celtic is filled with people who want this club to be all that it can be; I’ve spoken to a number of them in the past few months, as they are busy trying to build bridges where there are currently none and create relationships where such things presently don’t exist.

There are areas of the club which give me enormous cause for optimism. There are people working at Celtic Park who do actually “get it” and are determined to make a difference.

From the incoming CEO on down, to the media team and the supporter liaison officer.

Don’t underestimate the amazing work these people do.

They are trying either to rebuild things that have been broken or to construct something new. Their efforts deserve to be highlighted and the individuals involved given the highest praise.

I won’t name them. Not because I don’t want to but because I don’t know how comfortable any of them would feel being singled out, but they know who they are as many of us do. They might never score goals that win matches or make a critical save from a penalty kick but even amidst the present frustrations and set-backs they are doing their level best.

Dominic McKay is being held accountable for a lot of things as well; that man deserves a chance to put his own imprint on the club, but he is being woefully let down by those around him.

The shambles of this summer is unlike anything I’ve ever seen at Parkhead, but he has ideas and his constant talk of modernisation – every interview he’s had puts it at the centre of the discussion – is a sign that he realises that there is a lot wrong at the club just now.

Today, Postecoglou met with McKay in London, where the manager has supposedly just completed his quarantine period. These two have to start work on the team building right away, without a second more delay.

Once Lawwell goes we will start to see what the new team wants to do … we’re so, so far from where we need to be that it’s scary.

The bloggers are not angry and writing negative stuff for nothing; this club is a real mess at the moment and many of us refuse to pretend otherwise. But one by one pieces are being put in place by people who care and who get it.

I try to remember that when things are looking bleak.

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