Keith Jackson’s Latest Celtic Piece Is A Poisonous Article Full Of Bitterness.

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The mark of a true idiot is that he never learns, and repeats the same mistakes over and over and over again. Keith Jackson, poster boy for village idiots everywhere, today accused Celtic fans of being “stuck in a time warp” in the same article where he’s cracking vaguely racist Australian jokes like a fourth rate end of pier comedian from the Bernard Manning era.

He has accused our fans of “pushing conspiracy theories” when this same individual was hollering them from every article not that long ago.

It’s wrong, apparently, for our supporters to accuse the SFA of having an anti-Celtic bent.

Not wrong for him and other hacks to clamber aboard the Ibrox bus when they were accusing the SPFL and the SFA of having an agenda against their club, on no evidence whatsoever, and smearing clubs like Dundee at the same time over a changed vote.

Of course, the thrust of his piece was that Postecoglou has too much to do in too little time and that he’s operating within an organisation that is prone to stupid mistakes.

No argument there, but McKay has his hands on the controls now and only a fool would bet against this guy doing things better than Lawwell did where it really matters.

The rest of Jackson’s piece was an attack on Celtic and on the fan media, and in particular that first question, which now has a certain kind notoriety although it was a perfectly valid thing to bring to the attentions of a new manager.

Of course, Postecoglou himself promised that he will defend the club from all comers and never let anyone take advantage of it.

Which is a far cry from what Gerrard said after his first full match in charge at Ibrox, that referees had it in for them and always had. Where do you think that particular theory got into his head? From inside the club itself.

Did Jackson and others pile on?

Of course they didn’t.

Those kind of ideas are only given media credibility on one side of the city, and it just so happens to be the one where they are least credible.

The real problem Jackson had with the fan media conference was that it took place at all, and he’s not the only one who freely admits this.

This is a feeling that’s pretty widespread throughout the whole of the press corps, a kind of floating disbelief that we’re taken seriously by the club.

Why should we not be? Fan media is streets ahead of these people, in terms of quality and in terms of the proper scrutiny we give to Celtic.

The guys at the fan media conference who said that we had done our due diligence on the manager are correct; we have. We’ve looked at the good and the bad. I’ve dissected his record. Others have read books on him and studied him in dozens of videos and taped conversations. We know who this guy is and what he’s done.

When Warburton was unveiled over there he had one year’s managerial experience at Brentford. But the media portrayed him as a tactical genius and the Ibrox fans never bothered to check.

When they appointed Caixinha it was The Daily Record who portrayed him as a master motivator and ludicrously painted him as the Portuguese James Bond because he had ridden a jet-ski.

Due diligence from their fans? There was none.

Everyone got on board the hype train and all the talk was of how easily he would build his team.

It was this blog which revealed that his “interview” with the club consisted of a couple of conversations over Skype and that most of the Ibrox board hadn’t met him until the moment of his unveiling.

Celtic fan media has earned its stripes, and we’ve taken most of our scalps at the expense of goons like Jackson, who we have frequently embarrassed and humiliated.

This is their real problem with us being allowed to have our own presser.

Once that was strictly the province of the hacks themselves, and they could twist words and lie and still imagine themselves to be credible people. Jackson’s article this morning was spiteful and childish and moronic and his Australia jokes were on a par with those he made about Morelos a few years back, racist dirge about cocaine dealers and other such stuff.

This is a guy who is an embarrassment to what was once a proud profession.

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