Ange’s Message To All At Celtic: We’re Getting Somewhere But The Rebuild Goes On.

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Ange was excellent again at the press conference yesterday as he made it clear that as happy as he is with the rebuild – note that he said “we’ve got five in” and not seven – that it will continue.

We’re still not where we need to be, and no-one knows it better.

He knows we need a right back.

He knows we need another central defender. He must be aware that we badly need a striker and maybe two. Things are being worked on, he says, and it is obvious that this encompasses a number of areas of the team.

Progress is being made. Slowly. Much too slowly.

But it’s there, it’s happening before us, and the two signings yesterday are straight up first team footballers; that’s the standard we need to maintain. The next signing will hopefully be the right back; a first team player, and starter.

That will bring the number of those up to six. It’s a beginning, but that’s all.

Right back is still obviously the critical position.

Do we also need a left back?

Rumours continue to swirl about Hickey and Doig.

The central defence would be bolstered – in squad terms – if we sign the boy Scales, but there’s talk that we’re also trying to get Cameron-Vicks or last year’s target, who signed for Liverpool, Ben Davies on loan.

One or two of our signings might be loans; we should be willing to accept that as long as the rest of the job is done with the long term goals in mind. Loans can be good back-up players and first teamers.

The days when we were starting three at a time are what we have to leave behind, and so far I think we seem to have grasped that.

The only area where I’m puzzled at the moment is up front, where we’ve not really addressed any of our issues in spite of signing the two wide men. We need an out and out beast of a goal-scorer and a player who can deputise.

I have never hidden my preference as to who one of those signings ought to be; Kevin Nisbett at Hibs is a player we must not let slip away.

When Edouard departs, at least some of that transfer fee should be used to purchase the lad from Hibs who has proved that he’s capable of stepping up a grade.

I don’t know what Ange’s thoughts on that are, but he will have a lot of people inside and outside of Celtic Park making that recommendation to him. We have been mentioned in connection with other forwards, but most of that is rumour and speculation.

One thing is for sure; we’re still perhaps three first team players away from being in a place where the manager is comfortable with his options, and this only if current players remain at the club.

Lose Ryan Christie, as we expect, and Edouard, as is certain, and the equation changes again.

It’s undoubtedly an interesting time to be a Celtic fan, and this is very much a work in progress.

That’s the key word here; progress.

Providing we’re keeping it up.

According to the man at the top of the house, that’s very much the case.

The Rumour Guy is a Celtic fan and blogger from Glasgow.

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