Full Capacities At Celtic Park Are Back And It’s Just What The Club Needed.

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The other day, when Nicola Sturgeon didn’t automatically end restrictions on gatherings above 5000 people, I thought we were still some ways from football grounds filled to capacity.

But I was wrong about that.

I thought Glasgow City Council would have been quietly asked not to approve any such thing for a wee while yet.

Yet just a matter of days after the First Minister made her statement, here we are. Full capacities have been approved, subject to certain conditions. I’ve no doubt that our club will be able to meet them.

The rest is up to us, as supporters.

To follow the rules and regulations inside the ground, especially in the concourses where fans will need to be patient and wear their masks. To arrive early and take care when leaving the ground so as not to fill up those tight spaces with too many people.

The infection risk in those cramped areas is higher than almost anywhere else you could think of except maybe for crowded bars. So people have to be responsible and play it safe, and think of their fellow fans and the staff who work inside the ground.

If we all do our bit then the return to stadiums can be safe, and every bit as much fun as we all hope that it will be.

(That will depend on the team!)

For all that, the news is good and welcome and although I’m a little bit nervous about the idea there are mitigation measures we can all take to make it as safe as possible, and ensure that the return to full grounds goes smoothly.

This is the news we’ve been waiting for.

Celtic missed the noise and the energy of the fans last season and our return to the ground can only be of benefit to the team.

Fair play to Glasgow City Council and the Scottish Government for playing this one straight.

I cannot wait to be back amongst a capacity crowd again.

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