Anti-Celtic Idiot Attacks The Club So Mindlessly He Crushes His Own Point.

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What a joke our media is, and in particular the collection of utter goons in it who’s only qualification is that they used to play the game for the club across the city.

One of them made what we in Glasgow call “a total riddy of himself” last night on Clyde when, in his rush to attack Celtic, he made a point that was so idiotic that no-one was surprised when he flatly contradicted it just one second later.

These Peepul have such bitterness towards our club that they charge in, without thinking, to attack it on every front, heedless of how stupid it makes them look.

The clown in question last night was Alex Rae; I can hear the groans already, and I agree.

We’re talking about a witless worm here, but in his rush to stab at us last night over the signing of Joe Hart, he impaled himself on his own spear.

It was, actually, quite amusing.

“They have to be thinking more advanced about this Gordon … you can’t be scratching about for a keeper who’s in his mid-thirties …” he said, in his latest attempt to paint Celtic as a club now running totally backwards, who can’t get anything right.

And I bet you’re already thinking what I was thinking … and oddly enough, it dawns on Rae almost immediately that his stupid point has a obvious counter.

“I know (Rangers) did it a couple of years ago and it’s paid off …”

Uhuh … and amazingly he realises his point is even stupider than that!

“… and then they got McLaughlin who’s turned out to be a good one as well …”

Yeah … it’s amazing when you realise you’ve just levelled a criticism at the club you hate whilst simultaneously realising your current favourite club have already done the self-same thing, twice, with positive results.

Could this muppet look and sound any more like an idiot?

This is what we deal with as Celtic supporters, not just a media culture which is relentlessly negative but one that is as dumb as a box of rocks, a media culture full of people so dense that if you were somehow able to pool the combined resources of all their brain cells that you still couldn’t generate enough of a charge to power fairy lights.

And they wonder why we view them with contempt.

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