As This Site Predicted, There Will Be No Celtic Fans At Ibrox.

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The least shocking news of the day has come through; our fans are not going to get tickets for Ibrox, after their spiteful board performed a “last minute” u-turn and decided we wouldn’t even get the 700 we had been promised.

They blame Celtic, of course, because we cannot offer a guarantee that their own club will get an allocation later in the year.

But of course, we can’t give any such assurance and they know it damned well.

They were looking for any pretext on which to do this, for no other reason that it appeals to them to take this action, and to perform this petty small-minded snub.

Celtic now has no choice but to respond in kind, of course, and I am sure we’re going to.

The Record says our board are “stunned” by this decision but if they are then they are the only people in the country who ought to be because you could see it coming a mile away.

Even a plain text reading of this shows that the Ibrox club is at it here.

They wanted a guarantee that Celtic was in no position to give them. It’s yet another shameful example of them exploiting this crisis to suit themselves and to pander to their worst elements.

Our fans should know better, and our club should know better, than to believe they are capable of behaving on a good faith basis. I never expected anything other than this blatant cynicism.

It’s a waste of time even to complain about it.

All we can do is make a check-mark against it, vow to respond in kind as best we are able (SPFL rules will prevent us giving them zero tickets, and they know that too and will similarly try to exploit that situation if they can) and then go there and win.

That, as much as anything else, is the point here; we’ve got to just go there and win.

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