Ibrox Has Failed To Flog A Major Player … So They Are Fleecing The Fans Instead.

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Tonight a highly amusing story reaches me from the Dark Side.

Apparently the Ibrox three match ticket package for the Europa League is something on the expensive side.

Remember how earlier in the week I suggested that we were over-charging for ours?

Well, as usual Ibrox has shown me the error of my ways.

They’ve given us all a lesson in how over-charging is done.

Our basic package is £75. Theirs is coming in at a whopping £117. That’s £40 more than ours, £45 quid more than Leicester are charging from the EPL and it’s £55 more than West Ham are asking their fans for.

I hear too that if you’re on their ticket scheme you are locked in here, and that the money will be coming out in a week whether you like it or not.

That would only make this more hilarious.

This window has been a catastrophe for their balance sheet.

They were supposed to move out top earners and have actually added to the squad.

Two players – Katic and Itten – went out on loan today.

The former was supposed to have been sold but he refused to move.

The latter is the non-scoring Swiss striker the press never talks about whilst it slags Ajeti.

But Morelos stays, the third straight year in which they have offered him around Europe like a scud book at a 1980’s summer camp.

Tavernier stays, the greatest captain who never got an offer from a bigger club.

Even Barisic, who they dearly wanted to see gone, remains.

A possible move for Patterson was scuppered by the virus, in one of the great ironies of our age.

Kamara, despite more hype than a Tom Hardy movie, has never attracted a single bid of note, and nor have either of the superstar’s Kent or Hagi.

But as some of us keep having to point out, somebody has to pay for their bloated squad, which sucks money that club hasn’t got up the funnel every single day, and that’s the fans.

The board is no longer prepared to write so many cheques, nor cheques of the size they’ve become accustomed to.

The fans, more and more, must carry the water.

And tonight, as they see Celtic continue to bring in big transfer fees, but continuing to spend money as well, a club that is solvent and finally heading for a good place again after the travails of the last year, they recognise that their own success is built on the quicksand of debts and directors loans.

Just sustaining it at the current level will take millions more than they can bring in through normal means … and so this isn’t the end of the fleecing, it’s just the beginning.

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  • CHRIS says:

    Mark B
    Will there soon be a third rangers?
    Is it something you’ve contemplaTED?

    • lubosmagic67 says:

      why not there was a THIRD LANARK !!!!!!!

    • Dora says:

      Hillbilly footy klub aka wangers…pity kent has let himself go, perfect poster boy for sevco but fk me he’s one rotten lookin mutant…he’s managed to overtake that twisty faced columbo and that takes some doing..!
      No wonder there’s no takers !!

  • Majorerror says:

    Have they been paying their tax bills since 2012 ?

  • SSMPM says:

    Glad we managed to get CCV over the line for CB position. So all in all not a bad window though still think 2 more quality players in would have helped, a left back, midfielder and striker would have been nice but maybe that’s unrealistic given the profit our board will want to keep to themselves. With the 3 amigos gone and a sound progressive manager we now have a squad that’s kicking in the same direction and more united as a squad. Unlike the grave diggers across the city, that can’t afford to keep the ones they’ve got. The zombie apocalypse is nigh, its only a matter of time before we’re back to where we belong. HH

  • ForeverWar says:

    For non season ticket holders the top end price will be £129,

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