The SFA’s Court Defeat Against Ibrox Means The Collapse Of The Cinch Deal Is Likely.

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The and the leagues have suffered a humiliating reversal in court today as Parks of Hamilton won an interim interdict against the arbitration process between the SPFL and the Ibrox club over the cinch deal.

Their argument was that Parks of Hamilton should be included in the process.

The and the SPFL, arguing against what was in their own by-laws, in plain language, argued the opposite.

This is an absolute and whilst most of us are pretty clear in believing that this entire thing is an another example of Ibrox playing cynical there is no doubt that those involving in running Scottish football are capable of disastrous decision making and oversights.

Ibrox’s conduct here is a joke, of course.

The arbitration process will now involve their club and a company owned by their chairman, as if those two organisations could be easily separated.

This whole thing makes a mockery of our game and makes it resemble a banana republic.

The arbitration process itself is now a shambles which can only do further damage to the reputation of the leagues.

The cinch deal is probably going to collapse on the back of all this, and I really don’t see any other outcome unless the wins the arbitration case quickly and completely and compels Ibrox to toe the line.

That there also need to be severe sanctions applied to the club for their conduct here goes without saying or there will be anarchy.

Even if all of that happens, this is a wrecking ball moment.

This entire affair has made the governors of football in Scotland look flat-footed and stupid and amateurish.

That one club can threaten the entire foundation of a major commercial contract like this will put off other organisations far into the future, with knock-on effects at every level.

has remained dead silent on this, but it has to be something we’re watching with grave concern.

This, don’t forget, is the structure Peter Lawwell told a AGM and the Resolution 12 guys that was working perfectly well and didn’t need reformed.

His judgement on that front has always been highly questionable.

The mess he left at is only one of those which Dominic McKay is now tasked with cleaning up.

What Scottish football wouldn’t give to have a genuine reformer at the helm instead of the blundering, dithering cowards that we have right now. McKay should be taking note … and planning on stepping up.

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  • Justshatered says:

    Surely by taking the League and the SFA to court they have broken another rule.
    It certainly used to be the case that there was a rule stating that no club could take the League and the SFA to court.

  • jimmywhite says:

    I think they’re looking for someone to blame when they go bust, They’ll be hoping for sanctions and no end of season prize money. They’re defo deep, deep in trouble and will need something to blame, after all they know fine the klan are already duped.

  • JOHN A says:

    The gutless ones on the Celtic board will do nothing as always.

  • Peter Heaney says:

    Why is Rangers upset against Clnch sponsor, just because of Parks contract.
    Remember the Sponsor they have 32 Red last year.
    What’s the difference between 32 Red and Ladbroke’s last year deals.

  • John mcghee says:

    The corrupt sfa spfl let that new club jump all over them they are shit scared of the biggest cheats in Scottish football rfc 1872 liquidated 2012 a newco sevco are just as bad i which the fans of every club boycott Scottish football untill sevco are liquidated along with oldco but know doubt the corrupt sfa.spfl will give the liebrox club every bit of help they can Scottish football is a fucking joke get the mason out of hampden now before our football dies.rats rats and more rats at hampden and liebrox..

  • Peter brady says:

    Good luck to alashkart against the filth

    • Celt forever says:

      Expected a comment like this,
      Your days as a club are ending soon
      Clinging on to the rocks
      Hail Hail

  • James Aiton. says:

    Surely before this season started, Every club in the league were consulted, and had ample opportunity to raise any complaints they had with the appropriate authorities. This whole thing stinks to high heaven. The only solution to this circus is to ban them sine die. Problem solved.

  • SSMPM says:

    Why do we continue to sit back and watch them destroy our game. The SPFL/SFA are like the rankers – not fit for purpose. Strange the different treatment the rankers receive from EUFA with testing and fines for discrimination compared to the lack of them from the SPFL/SFA.

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