The Strachan Rumour Is Irresponsible Garbage That Celtic Fans Should Avoid.

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What the Hell is it with some of the people in our support who feel the need to share every nonsensical rumour and story that they hear with the world, no matter how ridiculous, no matter how irresponsible, no matter how plainly idiotic it makes them sound?

The latest is this outrageous “Gordon Strachan on standby to take over as a manager” story which has popped up out of nowhere and is so clearly preposterous that anyone spreading it needs a lie down in a dark room.

Doing this job, you develop a sort of radar for the stories which have something in them and those which don’t, but even if your radar apparatus consists of nothing but a rusty coat hanger tuned to the BBC it should be blatantly obvious that there is no truth or fact whatsoever in a story like that.

It’s as if some people can’t help but breathe life into the worst possible scenario.

Or they like attention.

Either way, Celtic fans should not be so utterly irresponsible as to spread a story which is not only miles outside the realms of possibility but starts with the supposition that our current manager is on the verge of the sack. He isn’t.

Ange Postecoglou has been in the job for only a few months. We’ve had seven league games. Seven. If there are people who aren’t willing to give this guy a chance, then I suggest they never were. Does he have to start getting results? Yes, he does.

But talk of anyone being “on standby” to replace him is the kind of gutter tabloid baloney we would be brutally hammering the press for if someone like Kris Boyd had come up with it. Why are people on our own side giving it a push?

If you heard that rumour and believed that there was even a scrap of truth to it then you probably also believe that the 5G network is responsible for the global health crisis.

The two components of it – that Ange is on the brink and that even this Celtic board would entertain the idea of appointing Strachan even as a temporary boss – are jointly so far-fetched that they make The Squid Game sound realistic.

I honestly don’t know why any of our fans give this kind of stuff credence and I wish to God stories like this died on the vine instead of spreading like a bad rash.

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  • Jim says:

    Could he be in line for a D.O.F. role though ?

  • Charles says:

    I dont understand why so called celtic fans would write this stuff and for other so called celtic fans carry on the speculation. You know this is nonsense. Why would a change depend on the Leverkusen result.

  • Paul says:

    Yes those rumours that reported Dominic McKay was leaving were ridiculous – who would be dumb enough to believe those.
    I know let’s give the manager until February to turn things around, then soak him and employ Kennedy as interim for the rest of the season

  • Mc15 says:

    So, whats your thoughts on squid game. I enjoyed it as a chessey horror series.

    • James Forrest says:

      I’m about halfway through it mate and I’ve loved it so far 🙂 Amazing to see such originality!


    First off, I don’t believe the rumour. In fact I was completely unaware of it till I read it here.
    The problems a lot of our fans have is one of ‘ Deja vue’. With our Board’s history and disconnect anything is possible.
    Add in the total lack of communication with the fans save for the nonsense from our ‘ Churnalists’ and the Boards pet hacks with their drip, drip of ‘ sources confirm, say, think etc’.
    Our fans are desperate for news. The smart ones avoid the gutter press that masquerades as Journalism. Unfortunately a lot of our support still buy the daily rags and have been conditioned to expect ‘bad press’. When was the last time absolutely anything to do with Celtic, Catholics or Irish(ness) was presented in a positive fashion. No laughing at the back there. Just take your time and maybe it’ll come to you. This does not however justify spreading rumours of any kind.
    of whatever nature or whatever topic.
    Hail Hail.

  • REBELLIOUS says:

    Some of them have had the dr in their diet their whole lives so, it’s not inconceivable that after growing up with a diet like that, well; it’s not too far a stretch of the imagination that they themselves go on to replicate it, all be it, subconsciously.(benefit of the doubt given)

    I’m thankful you aren’t one of the aforementioned.


  • Lynn McGill says:

    An be has had his chance and failed abysmzlly!He has to go before the league has gone At least Gordon knows How to win the league!I stated weeks ago and would be out of his depth and would be sacked by October and whoever appointed homebound to too ! You are losing all credibility by defending him

  • SSMPM says:

    There you have it James – on the basis of what Lynn’s just written – you have your answer. I’ll keep giving my support to Ange. If you think that suddenly Strachan’s a knight on a white football charger then look at his Scotland stewardship, not only did he not win anything, he didn’t qualify for anything. HH

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